We need to put brakes on out-of-control immigration

Australian Conservatives Release

The Conservative Party wants the overall rate of immigration halved, the visa process radically reformed and an end to the immigration rorts which are costing Australian taxpayers billions of dollars every year and seriously damaging our economy and our way of life.

Both Labor and the Coalition keep indiscriminately importing masses of people to share in the creaking infrastructure of our major cities.

This, in an environment of policy-constrained emissions, electricity, domestic gas and water supplies that both the major parties, led by “virtuous” green globalist urban elites fight, and fall over, each other to keep constrained and even contracting.

So what’s the story?

When do the Australian people say, “Enough! Until the elites uncap our emissions, electricity, domestic gas and water supplies so our resources can expand as our population does.”

The Australian’s Judith Sloan today adroitly explains our Tweedledum and Tweedledee immigration policy, which is to next to no-one’s benefit.

And worse, Labor is bribing migrant-rich electorates to vote Left by uncapping our current temporary parent visa program so all the elderly mums and dads of our recent flood of migrants can also soon flock here so they too can then vote Labor/Left in gratitude, exponentially expanding the Left’s electoral constituency.

This would be enough to make former UK Labor Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who was the West’s inaugurator of such shameless voter-base importation and manipulation schemes to win future elections, blush.

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