A chance to reset

Australian Greens

Right now is a crucial moment – a chance to reset – and it calls for climate champions like you.

By the Australian Greens

This past week, the Bushfire Royal Commission started. Within days, we heard sickening news that fire chiefs had been reluctant to speak out about climate change, because Coalition politicians put pressure on them.

It’s a stark reminder that before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were already staring down the climate crisis. And during COVID-19, it hasn’t gone away. In fact, like economic inequality, it’s been supercharged by a government that’s still prioritising profit for big businesses over caring for the environment and looking after people.

We cannot allow the lessons from the devastating climate bushfires to go unheeded.

That’s why it’s so important that we tackle the climate crisis as part of our recovery from the COVID pandemic. And it’s why our COVID recovery plan calls for a complete retooling of our national infrastructure to build the foundations of a clean economy.

This is such a crucial time. And the truth is, the decisions we make now will shape our lives and the planet for decades to come.

We need to supercharge our electricity grid and replace polluting coal and gas with 100% renewables and storage. We need to modernise and expand Australian manufacturing and support the shift to clean, green local manufacturing. And we need to build a 21st century circular economy, reducing our waste streams while building an Australian recycling industry.

A plan to do this isn’t just possible, it’s essential.

We’ve created the Greens’ Climate Champions as a way to build a war chest to power our biggest ever grassroots campaign around the country – because change will only happen when people come together to demand it!

Over a thousand Greens supporters have joined as a Climate Champion (THANK YOU ALL!). With a weekly gift of just a few dollars, they’re powering our fight for our plan. And steering our country toward a cleaner, greener future.

And we won’t stop there. When we’re through this first phase, we’ll keep fighting for a cleaner economy and a fairer society through a Green New Deal.

If we can remake our society and redirect our resources to protect us from a virus, we can remake it to tackle the climate crisis and look after people at the same time.

BECome a climate champion today

If you’d like to join us as a Climate Champion to power our plan, click here!

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