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Oxfam congratulates new parliament, calls for more action on climate, inequality, First People’s rights
Greenslide set to grow in coming days Greens to hold Senate balance of power Albanese will need Greens and crossbench
GREENS-SLIDE: Greens win mandate for action on climate and inequality
From South Africa, success story for democracy
DEI&B Thought Leadership: Rosalind M. Chow
History’s Echoes in Black Politics
Research chronicles presence of chronic frames of race, gender, and wealth inequality
Learning about discourse on sustainable development and analytical thinking
Lighting up for IDAHOBIT
UNESCO and Jamaica launch partnership for developing Science
Imagine an economy of peace
Economic Growth Raises Happiness in China Since 1990s
Tackling intimate partner violence could lower rates of mental illness according to new Lancet Psychiatry Commission
New family and domestic violence counselling service for young people in Rockingham and Northam
New ILO report finds African workplaces have been dramatically changed by Covid pandemic
Impact Ranking: WUR rises to 65th place
More gender segregation in jobs means more harassment, lower pay
Left out? UNECE report guides measurement of social exclusion
Personal stories of alcohol addiction could help shape future healthcare
Neoliberal Policies, Institutions Have Prompted Preference for Greater Inequality, New Study Finds
Neoliberal policies, institutions have prompted preference for greater inequality
Research points to ways of involving visually impaired people in environmental disaster prevention
University of Warwick recognised for commitment to race equality
Future of Legal Gender project publishes final report
Encouraging women to lead
Creating statistical tools to solve big problems
Remarks by Vice President Harris at Tennessee State University 2022 Spring Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony
Obesity rates in Danish adults have trebled over past three decades
Nicole Kaniki talks race, representation and equity in academia with Canadian Business
Despite ideals, people don’t really like reducing inequality
Misperceptions can threaten scientific advancement
Collective agreements contribute to fighting inequality, says ILO
Socioeconomic status impacts your risk of hospital readmission and death following heart attack
Mentioning ‘white privilege’ increases online polarization
Our Watch welcomes new South Australian ambassador, KWY Aboriginal Corporation CEO, Craig Rigne
Rising interest rates bad news for vulnerable
Well-meaning multicultural education alone is not enough to dismantle inequalities
Automatic admissions policies increased diversity at rural Texas high schools, says report
Gravitation grant for research into growing up successfully
Casey welcomes funding to prevent family violence
Digital tech investment, critical to workforce in least-developed nations
Progress in Least Developed Countries stalled by multiple crises
Greens climate policy fast enough, still stronger focus needed on people on low incomes
Trailwalker Brisbane cancelled
56% of young people are concerned about personal data security
Understanding Black grief
Stable household income and wealth inequality leading into pandemic: Australia
UNSW jumps 41 places in 2022 global impact rankings