Action to make Communities Safer as Liquor Bill is introduced

The Territory Government isbuilding safer communities with the introduction of the Liquor Bill 2019.

This is an important milestone- delivering on 70 key recommendations from the recent Riley Review that foundthe Territorys Liquor Act wasnt fit for purpose.

This bill includes measures tobuild a robust and sustainable entertainment industry – with the introductionof risk based licensing fees.

We are introducing a risk-basedlicensing model that rewards businesses that do the right thing with discountsand low fees targets those businesses that do the wrong thing with financialpenalties.

Industry, stakeholders, police,licensing and the community have now all had an opportunity to providesubmissions on the model.

The Northern Territory is theonly jurisdiction not to have implemented an annual licence fee structure.

The Bill also:

  • Addressesconcerns about inedible substances such as mouthwash and vanilla essence.

  • Removesconfusing and inconsistent provisions in the Act to provide a stronger and morerobust regulatory framework

  • Allowsproducts to be exempt from the floor price via regulation. For example, cookingwine.

  • Improvesthe applications and complaints process, including prescribed timeframes

  • Recognisesthe independent Liquor Commission as primary decision-maker under the Act

  • Establishes the Director of Licensing
  • Updates penalties and offences
  • Sets out special search and seizure powers available to inspectors and police.

As stated bythe Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Natasha Fyles:

We are putting Territorians first with nation-leadingalcohol policy and legislation to make our community safer.”

Significant work has alreadybeen done with the introduction of the BDR and floor price, the establishmentof a sustainable model for PALIs and the introduction of secondary supplymeasures.”

There are early indications that ourpolicies are having a positive impact. These are policy and legislation changesthat we did have bipartisan support on and I am disappointed to now hear theCLP wont put Territorians first theyll put politics first.

/Public Release. View in full here.