An impactful EOFY result through community giving

An impactful EOFY result through community giving.

In its last grant round for the financial year, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is delighted to announce over $4.1 million has been provided to charitable and not-for-profit grant partners across Greater Melbourne, as approved by the Board in the recent June meeting.

This brings annual granting to over $11.5 million for the first time.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr Catherine Brown said it was a truly inspiring achievement for the Foundation by which grants from both the Foundation’s strategic grants program and the donor advised programs were distributed.

“It’s a wonderful way to see out the end of the financial year. It’s inspiring to work with the Greater Melbourne community to support these cutting-edge grant partners and create lasting, positive impact. We are grateful for the support we continue to receive from our donors and grant partners and the trust they place in us.” said Dr Brown.

This recent grant distribution impacts the Foundations four key areas of Homelessness & Affordable Housing, Environment & Sustainability, Education & Employment, and Healthy & Resilient Communities.

More than $1 million was approved for affordable housing projects including $400,000 as a follow-on Signature Grant to Launch Housing for the Women and Families Affordable Housing Project in Dandenong. Over $1 million in Proactive Grants were made across all the impact areas, over $500,000 were distributed to Thrive capacity building grants and over $1 million through distribution recommendations from the Foundation’s donor advised Charitable Fund Accounts, Community Funds and Giving Accounts.

Dr Brown added, “This transformative giving is only achievable through the visionary contributions of our major donors, charitable fund account holders and bequestors, including the Eldon and Anne Foote Trust and Arthur Martin Fund. As Melbourne’s Community Foundation we can only achieve meaningful and long-lasting change with the support of farsighted, compassionate donors and innovative grant partners. With the granting we have made this Financial Year, we look forward to making even greater impact on the big challenges facing Melbourne.”

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