an interview with Jason Edwards: words of advice to the photography community from a National Geographic Photographer

Melbourne, Australia.

Jason Edwards is an award winning natural history photographer, who has been in the industry for over 25 years. His collection of photos ranks as one of Nat Geo’s largest. Based in Melbourne when he isn’t on expeditions to the Antarctic or African jungle, he spoke with James from Shootzu the podcast on his photography business journey.

Airing on Tuesday 11 December 2018, on Shootzu the podcast, on iTunes, Spotify and Jason is interviewed about his photography business journey, the challenges he sees facing the industry and the mental resilience required to go on assignment as a natural history photographer.

Starting his career at the Zoological Board of Victoria, he has a series of accolades to his name and is heavily involved in educating the community on conservation issues. He takes us behind the scenes of what it is like to be on assignment in remote places of the world, and the need to love your own company if you choose a career path that can often mean significant time by yourself.

On mental resilience in his job, he states: “You see bad things happen to people. I’m not there to make the news, I’m there to document it.” This means even when confronted with things he doesn’t agree with he keeps his emotions in check. “Never let it out. I have no right to let it out. When I am working with someone and if we see something that’s uncomfortable, or something that they don’t believe in… No one speaks. You don’t show it, you don’t show any emotion at all.”

Jason’s words of advice for Australian photographers: “photographers have to stand up for their rights”. Charge what you’re worth. In the industry which is constantly experiencing the entrance of disruptors with the perpetual race to the bottom, he says it is critical to protect your rights, protect your images and protect your business livelihood!

In an interview-style, this is the finale of the current season of Shootzu the podcast, which aims to share the stories of successful photographers and videographers from across Australia and New Zealand to motivate, inspire and educate their industry peers on running a profitable photography business.

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