Armidale Regional Plan 2040

Share a coffee and your ideas at a café catch-up

Now is the time for the Armidale region community to share their views and opinions on the future plans for our city, towns and villages to shape our vision for growth and prosperity and give certainty and direction for the next 20 years.

Students, business owners, home owners, representatives of groups, temporary or permanent residents, all perspectives to the Plan will be vital to create the overarching strategy and vision that will reflect our shared priorities.

Armidale Regional Council Mayor Cr Simon Murray said the development of the Armidale Regional Plan 2040 is an important step in aligning our region’s planning priorities.

“The Armidale region is projected to grow in population by over 26 percent or more than 8,000 people by 2040,” said Cr Murray.

“With the addition of these people comes the need for the current and future community to have certainty around the direction of the region’s plans to accommodate that growth.”

The finalised Armidale Regional Plan 2040 is scheduled to be adopted by Council in the second half of 2020 and community input will be sought from now through to mid 2020.

To commence this planning all are welcome to share a coffee and their ideas in ‘Café Catch ups’ with the team. These will be held Tuesday 3 December from 12-2pm at ‘Juniels café’ in Guyra or 4-7pm at ‘Bistro on Cinders’ in Armidale.