Arria becomes first NLG platform to bring true data literacy to Business Intelligence

– Clients confirm dramatic improvement in speed and efficiency of reporting using Natural Language Generation

Arria NLG is pleased to announce the release of its latest integrations for Business Intelligence (BI) bringing advanced analytics and linguistics together directly inside BI tools. This combination provides further depth of narrative insight generation, ease of use and data security. For the first time, BI tools including Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy and Qlik have the ability to deliver true data literacy.

According to Brian O’Connor, Lead Director, Advanced Analytics Global

Business Services, AstraZeneca, “Arria NLG Studio’s BI analytical and

linguistic capabilities provide us with the technology to dramatically

improve the speed and efficiency of our reporting. A key benefit for us

is that we can use this powerful platform to create our own NLG

applications within our department.”

Adam Heitzman, Managing Partner

/Public Release.