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NSF Funds Games to Prepare Workers for AEC Jobs
Project Promotes Holistic STEM Education: Way of Wonder
11 Ideas to Enhance Air Travel for Customers
ELaw Presents Horizon Europe BIAS at Algorithm for Her
Second Transatlantic Exchanges: Oncology Conference at Dana-Farber, Gustave Roussy
Assessing AI’s Ability to Generate Text
ChatGPT Paper Demonstrates AI in Academia Opportunities, Challenges
Knowledge based on research engenders hope and solutions
New agreement to build innovation bridge from India to WA
UNESCO x Netflix Launch African Folk Tales Reimagined
Harnessing AI to improve hearing technology
US Airstrikes in Syria After UAV Attack Kills
Cross-Border Op Targets OMCG Members in NSW, Victoria
Design tool to democratize art of color-changing mosaics
Cross-Border Op Targets OMCG Members in Vic, NSW
Cross-Border OMCG Raids: NSW, Vic Police Collaborate
New Twists in Behavior Theory Emerge
Astrophysicists Use AI to Weigh Galaxy Clusters
AI Uncovers Equation to Weigh Galaxy Clusters
Paper Explores AI’s Academic Potential, Challenges
Push for Strengthened Co-op on Defence/Security in SE Europe
AI Discovers First Stars Had Companions
Cardiff Univ. Institutes Focus on Global Innovation, Research
Artificial intelligence could reduce barriers to TB care
New in-home AI tool monitors health of elderly residents
Artificial intelligence is reshaping teaching and studying
AI Finds that First Stars were Clustered Together
AI Tool Monitors Health of Elderly at Home
AI Predicts Dengue Outbreaks with Remote Sensing Data
AI Rollout in Media, Entertainment Needs Careful Consideration
New soil sensor may improve efficiency of crop fertilization
British Ecological Society Urges Increased Funding for Research
Scholar Explores AI Intentionality: Do They Love Us?
Trustworthy Tech Fuels AI Institute’s Success
Book: Professional jobs have changed – but not for better
Real-World Approach Advances FedTech Startup Studio’s Tech Transfer
AV Testing Costs Slashed by 1000 with Simulated Terrible Drivers
AV Testing Costs Cut by 1000x with Simulated Terrible Drivers
Light-Powered Computing Aids Next-Gen AI Development
Using AI Algorithms to Streamline Orthodontic Care
EPFL Launches Imaging Minor to Meet Research Needs
MIT Ranked No. 1 in 11 Subjects by QS World University Rankings 2023
AI & Automated Decisions Examined in New Exhibition
University of Warwick, FAW Partner for Live Comm Study
C-Section Birth: Impact on Kids’ Schooling?
Cesarean Births Linked to Academic Performance, Intelligence
Automation, uncertainty, and Robodebt scheme
Learning to grow machine-learning models