ATA clarifies funding sources

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, the nation’s largest grassroots advocacy group representing taxpayers, today clarified their funding sources and requested the Koch Foundation consider funding them.

“We are funded by individuals across Australia who care about the issues for which we advocate: lower taxes, commonsense regulation, and an end to government waste,” said ATA Policy Director, Emilie Dye. “We are incredibly grateful to the thousands of Australians who make the work we do possible.”

“Principles of personal liberty and individual freedom are common across the western world. We are honoured when people mention the ATA alongside some of the heaviest hitters in the freedom movement. While we are connected by ideas, we do not receive funding from foreign organisations.

“We understand the Koch Foundation only gives to American organisations and organisations in developing nations. However, funding from the Koch Foundation would do much to make Australian dollars stretch further. We would be incredibly grateful if they would consider donating to the ATA.

“The Koch brothers have created a legacy for fighting against injustice, including campaigning against incarceration for victimless crimes. They have continually stood up for well reasoned and well-researched policies. Some of the organisations they fund include world-renowned think tanks, universities, and even the Smithsonian.

“It is our job to stand between the greedy hands of government and the money Australians work hard to earn. Every day we fight to make Australia freer and more prosperous. Every dollar we receive helps.”

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