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PETA crowing for taxpayer-funded chicken memorial
Read our lips; no new taxes
Big tech regulations pose a dangerous threat to everyday Australians
ATA and HRN fight for voluntary super
ATA endorses a CANZUK trade agreement
Bayside Council to ban BBQs
Victoria is now nannying nannies
Thai Rock deserves our thanks, not our ridicule
Taxpayers welcome Perrottet’s push for tax reform
SMEs enjoy lower corporate tax rate
Taxpayers celebrate UK-Australia free trade negotiations
NSW Council’s toilet tax is a pile of shit
NSW government wastes $1.2 million on building aesthetics
Local cafe & restaurant owners harassed by NSW Police
Northern Beaches Council spends on art during a crisis
KPMG report shows tobacco tax is too high
ATA publishes a Five Point Policy Proposal for a Post-COVID-19 Australia
ATA clarifies funding sources
Lollygagging environmental bureaucrats slow recovery
Excise taxes set to kill off businesses
Who needs WHO? Not taxpayers
Australian Taxpayers Demand Immediate and Clear Information on COVID-19
Combat COVID-19, a five point reaction plan to slowdown
ScoMo’s Stimulus Plan costs $7560 per person
ScoMo’s stimulus package not worth human cost
ATO yet again demands money they weren’t owed
Sound economic policy could be cure to Coronavirus slow-down
Senate Economics Committee seeks to ban cash despite evidence
Luxury car tax failed to save Holden
Government gangs up against NBN competition
ATA demands transparency for government spending