Australian PM says will discuss foreign fighter prevention in Turkey

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he will discuss with his Turkish counterpart prevention of Australians using the country as an overpass to join the ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

“Obviously, Australians who have gone to fight with the death cult [ISIS] have mostly gone through Turkey, so I will be talking to the Turkish leadership about what can be done to better police that border and better ensure people who have no reason to be going there are prevented from being there,” he said in Wellington.

The Prime Minister made an overnight trip to join his counterpart John Key in opening the Australian Memorial at New Zealand’s new War Memorial Park.

Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Tony Abbott and John Key have confirmed they will attend the 100th anniversary of the Anzac landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey.

Turkey has accused the West of not sharing sufficient intelligence to help detection of foreign fighters on their way to join the ISIS. The country’s foreign ministry said early April that they have placed a travel ban on 12 500 suspected foreign fighters, deported over 1 000 and blacklisted 5, 000 thanks to Turkey’s own intelligence.