Belgian prosecutors question four suspected ‘Islamic State’ recruiters over new attacks

Belgian prosecutors have charged four individuals with participating in the activities of a terrorist group. Police believe they may have been planning new attacks in the country.

Belgian authorities said on Wednesdsay they had detained four suspected recruiters for the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) extremist group who may have planned new terrorist attacks.

Spokesman for Belgium’s federal prosecutors, Eric Van der Sypt, said police found what he called ‘traces’ of a plot to launch a new attack in Belgium. He said the four were suspected of recruiting militants to go to Syria and Libya.

He said the probe into an alleged plot continued while his office said that “for now there is no link” with the investigation into the March 22 bombings in the capital Brussels which left 32 people dead after attacks on the airport and subway.

Searches were carried out in the port city of Antwerp and at least two other locations, Ternat and Borgerhout. No weapons or explosives were found in the eight sites searched on orders from an investigating judge, the prosecutors said in their statement on Wednesday.

The four suspects had been charged with participating in the activities of a terrorist group. Two were arrested but one of them was released with an electronic bracelet. The other two were released under strict conditions.

No additional details were made public in order to protect the ongoing investigation.