Bushfire claims a nonsense

Field & Game Australia

Field & Game Australia (FGA) has today released a map showing bushfire affected areas of Victoria which busts the myth being peddled by activists that native waterfowl populations have been impacted.

The map clearly shows that none of the over 23,000 natural wetlands covering 604,000 hectares within Victoria has been affected by the recent bushfires.

5.7 per cent of Victoria has been burnt by fires this summer but there has been no impact on any of the 200 State Game Reserves comprising more that 75,000 hectares.

“Activists opposing the 2020 duck season are stating that the duck population has been affected by bushfires, this map shows that there was no habitat for ducks to use within the bushfire affected areas,” Field & Game Australia Chief Executive Officer Dean O’Hara said.

“FGA’s position that a 2020 Duck Season should proceed is based on facts, data and science. Highly regulated hunting is sustainable and ethical and we again urge the Victorian Government to make an immediate decision in line with the evidence based expert advice.

“Our members have been at the forefront of wetland conservation for over 60 years. We are conservationist as well as hunters and make a significant contribution to regional economies.

“Facts and data must triumph over emotion and scaremongering for common sense to prevail.”

Dean O’Hara, CEO, Field & Game Australia

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