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New route to build materials out of tiny particles
Revisiting history of CPT theorem
Modeling behavior and dynamics of microswimmers
T cell warriors need their R & R
Maverick esports dynasty
UK Government recognises achievements of its geographers in fourth annual awards
A sunlight-driven “self-healing” anti-corrosion coating
New light-powered catalysts could aid in manufacturing
Meta-analysis reveals targeted radiation therapy may be as effective as standard care for small cell lung cancer patients with brain
Just being exposed to new things makes people ‘ready to learn’
New book uses extraordinary numbers in physics to explain mysteries of universe
Scientists shine new light on role of Earth’s orbit in fate of ancient ice sheets
Closer look at scientific power of nuclear and accelerator techniques
Cu-Fe Catalyst Facilitates Ambient-pressure Conversion of CO2 Into Long-chain Olefins
World’s most remote oceans are polluted with microplastics: study
Closer look at nuclear and accelerator techniques
Bags or bins: When it comes to recycling, answer is complicated
Innovative nerve repair process helping to restore function in paralysis
Researchers shine new light on role of Earth’s orbit in fate of ancient ice sheets
Le Monastère des Augustines will enhance its offering with Canada support
Fishing for new source of proteoglycans, an important health food ingredient
Department of Defense and NTIA Select Final Contestants for 5G Challenge
All-optical computation of group of transformations using polarization-encoded diffractive network
One-stop shop for quantum sensing materials
265 students receive diplomas at Baylor College of Medicine’s first full in-person commencement in two years
New database to “SpUR” on cancer research
Model predicts seasonal variability of solar and wind power
Verifiable searchable symmetric encryption for conjunctive keyword queries in cloud storage
Upconversion-based Nanosensor Developed for Chemotherapy Drug Detection
Wealthiest homeowners most at risk of wildfire hazard
Three chaperones coordinate breakup of amyloid fibrils in yeast
Fields of Knowledge: “Forest of Creation” – Sapporo Experimental Forest
First cave-bound mollusk species from Americas
New non-radioactive, neutral reagent reveals viruses in clear detail
Researchers Achieve Record-658-km Quantum Key Distribution with Vibration Sensing
Music therapy eHealth supporting people with dementia
NASA Administrator, Arizona Students to Hear from Station Astronauts
Government targets innovation-led growth to turbo-charge business potential
Protein delivery may help treat diabetic limb problems
CSIRO’s Dr Beth Fulton inducted as fellow into Australian Academy of Science
Machine Learning Gets Smarter To Speed Up Drug Discovery
Cryogenic electron microscopy finds drug targets against common fungus
Silicone wristbands track firefighters’ exposures to harmful chemicals
Artificial cilia could someday power diagnostic devices
NASA Invites Media to Discuss Space Station Science, Climate Research
Legal News Network: Delivering bad news to clients
UO data ethicist cautions against overreliance on algorithms
Researchers Develop New Method to Enrich Uranium in Seawater