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Seismicity on Mars full of surprises, in first continuous year of data
Research shows pain relieving effects of CBD
Fancy cycling around a particle accelerator?
‘Think like Da Vinci’ to take on climate change
Citizen science data tracks battle of birds vs bacteria
Fooling fusion fuel: How to discipline unruly plasma
New guidance to curb global financing of WMD
Even moderate exercise has health benefits
Researchers Realize High-efficiency Frequency Conversion on Integrated Photonic Chip
Understanding Graphene Growth on Insulating Substrates
Football Australia release Injury Prevention resources to support players & coaches
NAOC Scientists Make Further Step Towards Understanding Dark Energy
New approach to treating Alzheimer’s disease
Lights on for Thousands of school projects
Rakiura – adapting to change
WWF Welcomes Progress Represented by $1 Billion Commitment From Major New Forest and Climate Coalition
Scientists uncover structure of light-driven enzyme with potential biofuel applications
Science of spin – older stars rotate faster than expected
Slow Synchronization Keeps Heart Cells Beating in Time
TEMPORAL project helps improving hearing of deaf
Machine learning model generates realistic seismic waveforms
New tech builds ultralow-loss integrated photonic circuits
Deep dive into key COVID-19 protein is step toward new drugs, vaccines
Windfarm Mitigation for UK Air Defence Phase 2 Competition
Engineer s find ankle exoskeletons can greatly increase walking speed
Core Labs Launch Saudi Scientific Glassblowing
ERC Advanced Grant to understand enzyme stability
Mars’ changing habitability recorded by ancient dune fields in Gale crater
WWF Statement on President Biden’s Commitment to Halve Emissions by 2030
Know your ally: Cooperative male dolphins can tell who’s on their team
KNAW fund ‘Science communication by scientists’ awarded to Yvonne Erkens and Robert Heinsch
New Laser Damage Mechanism Proposed for Dual-ion Sputtered Coatings under Fundamental Frequency Laser Irradiation
Brabham Primary School officially opened
New AI tool calculates materials’ stress and strain based on photos
Party capital a hit with humpback lads while new mums prefer relaxing bayside vibes
Council appoints Acting CEO
Little crop of horrors
Former Govt spies should be stopped from private spying
Aboard NASA’s Perseverance rover, MOXIE creates oxygen on Mars
Ultra-high-energy gamma rays originate from pulsar nebulae
Scientists capture first ever image of an electron’s orbit within an exciton
Statement from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki 22 April
UK’s top five most influential climate scientists
Scientists glimpse signs of a puzzling state of matter in a superconductor
Study: ‘Fingerprint’ for 3D printer accurate 92% of time
Citizen science data tracks race of birds vs. bacteria
Team improves polar direct drive fusion neutron sources for use in National Ignition Facility experiments
Identification of wettability of graphene layers at molecular level