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Northwest Territories Gets Renewed and Expanded Funding for Food Production
Biotech Licenses Yield Lower Financial Returns for Academic Institutions
Yak milk consumption among Mongol Empire elites
Discovery of New Trigger for Major Depression Offers Treatment Possibilities
Angular Momentum Boosts Holograms & Metasurfaces
Rice Psychologist Danielle King Wins NSF CAREER Award
Topological Invariants Extracted from Band Structure in Synthetic Frequency
Intelligent Metasurface Design Inherited Knowledge for Learning and Assembly
New Supercapacitor Offers Energy Storage Solution
Bidirectional Neural Network Designs Metasurfaces for Quantitative Field Distributions
Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low in 2022 Summer
Bacteria’s Light-Induced Superoxides Speed Up Manganese Oxidation
Minister Champagne Addresses Telecom Sector Competition
New Catalyst Enhances Visible Light Reactions
Distant Silicon Qubits Connected for Quantum Computer Scaling
DGIST Professor Develops High-Performance Flexible Electronic Device from Copper-Graphene Nanowire
Microrobot Tech Developed for In Vivo Neural Network Connection
Artificial Kidney in Development for Early Detection of Drug Toxicity
Moiré Superlattices Demonstrate Photonics and Optoelectronics Superpower
Moiré Superlattices Demonstrate Photonics and Optoelectronics Superpower
Mathematical Model Offers Insight into Lightning-Produced X-rays
Dash into Gardens Point for 2023 QUT Classic
New High-Fibre Wheat Enters Australian Market with 6x More Fibre
ABC Searches for Australia’s Brightest Minds in 2023
Air Force Leadership Center Simplifies Civilian Enrollment in Degree Program
Making Internet of Things more secure
Frontal Polymerization and Natural Convection Show Correlation
Thin Lips Concealed Free Theropod Dinosaur Teeth
Thread-Like Pumps Woven into Clothes
Moiré Superlattices Demonstrate Superpower in Photonics and Optoelectronics
Over 30K apply for University of Helsinki in joint application
AIDEDNet: New Dehazing Network for Real-World Scenes
Bats Experience Hearing Loss in Old Age: Study
Amcor Wins Packaging Excellence Award for Environmental Performance and Shelf Appeal
Efficient Methanol Biotransformation for Fatty Alcohol Production
Scientists Unveil Basis of PLP2-Mediated Protein Folding
Sox9 Protein Triggers Colorectal Cancer Time Travel
Kids Swarm to Enter Science Competition with Buzz About Bees
2023 City Nature Challenge
Inkfish funding to boost Minderoo-WA deep-sea research
HR leader to return to UQ in chief role
Research: Majority of World’s Salt Marshes to be Underwater by 2100
NASA Awards Contract for Snow and Ice Data Archive
Research on Heart Attacks Could Revolutionize Regenerative Medicine
Pilot Study Shows Drones Map Pedestrian Behavior in Santiago
Final of ‘Jugend forscht’ Competition at KIT
Chinese Scientists Unravel Mystery of Cubic Ice
RGO-MXene Membranes Improve Water Permeability and Rejection