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Save date: American College of Surgeons to host Virtual Clinical Congress, October 23-27
When stubborn bugs refuse to make drugs
Researchers demonstrate effectiveness of eDNA in calculation of marine biodiversity
New Spin on Planet Formation Mysteries
Mechanism that triggers brain neuron response revealed
Is Facebook ‘Killing Us’? new study investigates
Data-driven dementia prevention
Scientists Invent New Information Storage and Processing Device
Study examines role of deep-sea microbial predators at hydrothermal vents
Researchers Discover Structural Basis of Antidepressant Ketamine Action on Human NMDA Receptors
Scientists Uncover Self-other Moral Bias at Conceptual Level
Single-phase Covalent Organic Frameworks Membranes Make CO2-selective Separation Possible
Simulated microgravity system created to experiment with materials
Twist brings new possibilities for ultra-thin 2D materials
Geologists take Earth’s inner temperature using erupted sea glass
Official name announced for new primary school in Piara Waters
Addressing degrading Ashburton/Ō Tū Wharekai lakes
Does testosterone influence success? Not much, research suggests
Which voices led medical misinformation in early stages of COVID?
Spectrum TV: Camp for women of color inspires future engineers
Spin-sonics: Acoustic wave gets electrons spinning
Less chat can help robots make better decisions
Research examines how race affects judgements of software developers’ work
Growers urged to check crops for mouse damage
Reversible male contraceptive, targeted to testes with magnets
Hybrid cars are twice as vulnerable to supply chain issues as gas-powered models
Smoking-gun evidence for neutrinos’ role in supernova explosions
Can eating hot chilli peppers actually hurt you?
ScienceXart returns in 2021 to celebrate International Year of Fruits and Vegetables
Updated science supports need for actions to address degrading Ashburton/Ō Tū Wharekai lakes
Fish size study shows benefits of marine sanctuaries
Oxygen-vacancy-mediated Catalysis Boosts Direct Methanation of Biomass
Krawczynski to examine role of water in volcanoes, Earth’s evolution
Statement by President Joe Biden on CDC Guidance
KSI COO Rebecca Stearns Joins USA Football’s Medical Advisory Panel
Grant for research into tackling future pandemics
New food science lab opens after major refurbishment
Biomedical engineers find imaging technique could become treatment for deep vein thrombosis
Partnership to empower Namibian women
Plastic Trojan Horse
Scientists Unveil Potential Dependence in Nitric Oxide Electroreduction to Ammonia
Feedback sought on proposed changes to medical devices that are substances
Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership welcomes 18 new students
Kazuya Masu’s reappointment as Tokyo Tech president authorized
Researchers Demonstrate Technique for Recycling Nanowires in Electronics
Study strengthens argument postpartum depression different to major depression
Researchers explore concept of empathy in everyday life