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Multilevel Governance Approaches to Scale Up Nature-based Solutions in Urban Contexts
An ocean apart, shared engineering projects catalyze a love of STEM
Study ties solar variability to onset of decadal La Niña events
Smart magnetic soft materials to develop artificial muscles and therapeutic robots
Where should our digital data go after we die? UBC study explores possibilities
UK Government Analysis Function opportunities
New study tracked large sharks during hurricanes
Swiping, swabbing elevates processing plant food safety
Spotlight on Analysis Function Learning Offer
Significant progress in lithium-air battery development
Novel photosensitization technology for deep-tumor photodynamic therapy
Portsmouth provides sport finance training for football Academy managers
Researchers Prepare Broadband Antireflection Laser Film Based on Deionized Water Treatment of Electron-beam Film
A SciFi moment for LHCb experiment
AMP’s Tomorrow Fund now open for applications
Dalian Coherent Light Source Reveals Oxygen Production from Three-body Photodissociation of Water
Become a citizen scientist for Mornington Peninsula
Assisted suicide is not compassionate care: Catholic Health Australia
Media Invited to Virtual Briefing as NASA’s Webb Prepares for Launch
Fournier to study dynamics of fast chemical reactions
Supersymmetry-inspired microlaser arrays pave way for powering chip-sized optical systems
Can an AI algorithm mitigate racial economic inequality? Only if more black hosts adopt it
Tech textile to stay comfortable outdoors
Repeat vape aerosol exposure causes minimal damage to lung tissue compared to cigarettes
Ants, bees and wasps of Canada, Alaska and Greenland – a checklist of 9250 species
Megan Flake: Keeping engineering labs running during pandemic
New tool helps define student-teacher relationships
Fast track immigration route opens for prestigious award winners
Leading University scientist publishes magical images of water
Small things can have a major effect on prevention of biodiversity loss
A material-keyboard made of graphene
Red meat industry urges people to get more facts in their diet
A new pelomedusoid turtle from Late Cretaceous of Madagascar discovered
Science class chemical spill incident
Calling Tweed Shire to listen for lyrebirds
Loan applications processed around midday more likely to be rejected
Long-term monitoring shows successful restoration of mining-polluted streams
Women’s Health Research Poster Presentation and Awards Program
Polarization-sensitive photodetection using 2D/3D perovskite heterostructure crystal
Karipuna Indigenous People sue Brazilian state for allowing land-grabs in their home
Emissive supramolecular metallacages via coordination-driven self-assembly
Phase transition inside nucleus provides oncogenic function to mutant p53 in cancer
Citrus derivative makes transparent wood 100 percent renewable
Buttigieg, Emhoff Visit NC State
Attitudes toward vaccination more favorable after J&J vaccine pause
Research inside hill slopes could help wildfire and drought prediction
Canada reports price reductions for data plans although more progress is needed
New exhibitions by Amelia Reid and Michelle Dawson