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When Antarctica melts, will gravity changes lift up land and lower sea levels?
With a zap of light, system switches objects’ colors and patterns
Over 2500 surgeons gather to celebrate art of surgery
Research reports reveal fleeing driver motivators
More than 1,800 flies released to minimise spread of invasive weed
Population milestone for northern hairy nosed wombat as its status is changed in line with international standards
Fibrous feeds prove beneficial for livestock gut health
Flexible, easy-to-scale nanoribbons move graphene toward use in tech applications
FDA menthol ban would benefit Black, younger Americans
Johnson Space Center Director Mark Geyer Moves To New Role
Latest scientific insights in aerosol transmission coronavirus
ASPIRE Annual Career Symposium May 6-7 will focus on careers for citizen scientist
NASA Invites Media to Next SpaceX Cargo Launch to Space Station
Forecasting space storms protects satellites and predicts aurora borealis
With Finns flattered by success in international comparisons, how do rankings influence politics
Winning personality: researchers look at how squirrel personality influences odds of survival
Method for assessing progress on Paris climate goals
Education to help reduce waste, emissions
A physics perspective on wound healing
First scholarship keeps Sophia’s light shining
Robotic surgery hits new milestone
Citizen scientists train artificial intelligence for healthy oceans
Neural nets used to rethink material design
Pioneering an inclusive approach to priority setting in crop improvement
Illnesses of controversial celebrities can negatively affect public health
Fike receives NSF geobiology grant
Fascination of Plants Day: become a plant scientist for a day
Activists use COVID relief supplies to mark enormous death toll in Brazil
Science of Squishiness in Functional Materials
IAC is participating in DALI experiment, searching for axion, proposed component of dark matter
C-SIDe project involves a broad selection of associates in solving cybersecurity problems
Expert secures prestigious Amazon Research Award
Islands show human influence on nature
A partnership to save our Reef
Discovered: mechanism that generates huge white dwarf magnetic fields
International collaboration needed for new Russian forest code
Scientists Identify Key Transcription Factor Deciding Leaf Color of Chinese Tallow
Border graduates’ time to celebrate
Curious Kids: why do we have eyebrows?
A New Guideline for Solid-state Spin Qubit
Apply now for a grant to green and cool your neighbourhood
Accurate Subseasonal-to-seasonal Arctic Sea-ice Prediction Remains Challenging
Statements on Bill Nelson’s Senate Confirmation as NASA Administrator
Scale of human impact laid bare in new island study
UNSW startup to launch camera into space
Bench-to-boardroom scientists key to seize future
From Caltech Science Exchange: Variants and COVID-19
How to level up soft robotics