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Pandora mission to study stars and exoplanets continues toward flight
Surface water management and sustainable drainage systems
Two LU researchers receive ERC starting grants
Ankylosaur was sluggish and deaf
Scientists designed controllers for robot manipulators in space station?
Results of Scientific Integrity Task Force report
Collaborating to Design Disinfectant Technology through Light
Tasmanian devils have just broken laws of scavenging – and scientists are puzzled
Evidence Proves Essential Role of O2-bridged Bicyclic Compounds in Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol
Researchers Investigate Benthic Marine Redox Conditions from Late Permian to Earliest Triassic
TSU mathematician is one of world’s highly cited researchers
Paper on geovisual analytics wins “Test of Time” award
Computer Model Seeks to Explain Spread of Misinformation, and Suggest Counter Measures
To destroy cancer cells, UTA team travels back in time
Forbes: Drones may become next big thing in health care
Gauging resilience of complex networks
Tackling hard computational problems
Project Investigating Human Impacts on Island Ecosystems Wins ERC Starting Grant
Common household cleaner can boost effort to harvest fusion energy on Earth
Ocean Physics Explain Cyclones on Jupiter
Research reveals recent growth and sudden declines in Antarctic sea ice to be unique changes since early 20th century
Water scarcity may spur improvements at manufacturing facilities
Gemini South telescope captures image of Chamaeleon Infrared Nebula
UNESCO hosts international conference to address growing concern on water access in urban centres globally
HKU Business School ranks Asia’s No. 1 in UTD Research Rankings ‘Finance Research’ ranks Top 5 in World
What damage do sugarcane aphids do to crops?
An Improved Algorithm to Accurately Quantify Atmospheric Environmental Capacity
Independent selection of research grants essential for integrity of Australia’s research system
Chang’E-5 Lander Makes First Onsite Detection of Water on Moon
Light and Darkness
Simple pH adjustment may enable preventative Covid nasal and throat spray
Light-matter interactions simulated on world’s fastest supercomputer
Heat rectification via suspended asymmetric graphene nanomesh
Making object invisible under fluid flow
CWRU researchers create Cleveland Covid Dashboard to track cases by zip code
Study shows most efficient ways to capture invasive lionfish
An optical chip improved by light
Researchers reduce all-solid-state battery resistance by heating
Researchers Reveal Preservation Mechanism of Chuaria Fossils in Lantian Biota
NASA to Host Coverage, Briefing for Webb Telescope’s Final Unfolding
Covid vaccination associated with small, temporary increase in menstrual cycle length, suggests NIH-funded study
Game on: English prof delves into art of indie video game creation
Correcting fossil record: Researchers say four-legged ‘snake’ is different ancient animal
New Research Finds Angry Denials of Wrongdoing Leave Strong Impressions of Guilt
Magnetic surprise revealed in ‘magic-angle’ graphene
Why Do We All Feel Touch Differently?
WCPO: Cincinnati’s new mayor, council could be opportunity for city
Differing Cybersickness When Playing Or Watching Virtual Reality Game