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This Researcher Reads Rivers
Graphene Membranes Enhance Carbon Capture Efficiency
New Use of Optical Tweezers: Displaying Molecular Energy Transfer
PFAS in Your Water: Home Filters' Efficacy Revealed
Flinders' Rising Science Stars Honored as Young Tall Poppies
HKU Chemists Unlock Access to L-Cyclodextrins, Probing Mirror-Image World
Science Graduates Passion Fuels Victorias Environment Drive
Australian PM Holds Press Conference at Parliament House 24 June
Boosting Asia Pacific Epidemiology Training with Fieldwork, ELearning
From Mantle To Crust: Solving Green Metal Mystery
AgriFutures Enhances Narrandera High's Angora Goat Program
Final Stages Underway for Major NT Agribusiness Precinct
La Trobe Receives $11 Million In ARC Funding
Taking Measure Of 'healthy' Microbiome
Bespoke Molecules Crafted for Near-Infrared Light Absorption
Energetic Ions Reveal Spontaneous Flows in High-Temp Plasma
Australian Building Ministers Support Enhanced Climate Resilience
Crucial Role of Health Officers Highlighted
Bayer, Solynta Partner to Progress True Potato Seed Market
Giving Voice To Little-known Communication Disorder
Majority in G20 Countries Advocate Rich Taxation: Survey
Facial Recognition Tied to Social Bonds, Not Butterflies
Kiwi Drivers Ready To Embrace Wireless EV Technology
Australian Ministers Support Enhanced Climate Resilience for Buildings
CSIRO Boosts SMEs with Digital Tech and AI Program
Semaglutide Spurs More Weight Loss in Women, Eases HF Symptoms
Fossil Fuel Plastics Undegradable by Marine Microbes: Study
Navigating Risks in Newly Possible Digital Afterlife
Sleep Tourism Offers Dream Trip: 5 Tips for Home Holidays
Global Artists, Scientists Fundraise for Asian HIV-Positive Women
A Sweet New MRI Method "Lights Up" Pancreatic Cancer
Designing For Outer Space
Council For Australian-Arab Relations Grants Program
Engineer Reaps Endless Opportunities
Global Talks Progress on Intergovernmental Chemicals, Waste Panel
Sols 4222-4224: Particularly Prickly Power Puzzle
Breaking Barriers In Engineering
Hypersonic Technology Project Overview
UofT Innovators Lead as Collision Conference Ends Toronto Run
Minister MacAulay Re-Appoints Member to Canada's Farm Council
NASA's ELaNa 43 Prepares For Firefly Aerospace Launch
ChatGPT Shows Bias Against Disability-Implied Resumes, Seeks Improvement
Enhancing Biodiversity Doesn't Harm Local Economies
New Techniques Debunk Myth, Estimate Easter Island's Population
Beekeeping With Julia Burdick-Will
Rapa Nui Rocks Debunk Myth of Doomed Overpopulated Island
New Guiding Light for Action Against Chemicals, Pollution, Waste
Potential New Strategy For Advanced Lung Cancer