Calling all aspiring uni students

Are you a current CFA brigade member in Year 9, 10, 11 or 12 (or have finished Year 12) who plans to go to university?

Calling all aspiring uni students

If so, you need to be aware of La Trobe University’s Aspire Program which offers significant benefits to those who volunteer in their community.

CFA is a partner with La Trobe for this program, which has been running for four years. The program has several benefits including:

• an early conditional offer into your nominated course for students in Year 12, as long as you meet the minimum ATAR score (and any other course prerequisites). You will know before doing your final Year 12 exams that your place is reserved and it doesn’t rely on getting a better score than other applicants for that course.

• specialised support programs for your final Year 12 exams

• early access to the library and campus resources

• induction to the Enrichment Program to help you get the most from the university experience

• a dedicated hub for Aspire students on campus

• access to special events for you and your fellow Aspire students to introduce you to campus life.

For those who’ve already completed year 12, the minimum ATAR benefit still applies along with access to the campus Enrichment Program and the Aspire Hub.

The Bundoora Campus Open Day for 2019 is on Sunday 4 August. View dates for other Latrobe open days

Applications open 1 June and close at the end of August.

Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 can register their future interest in Aspire on the La Trobe University website.

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