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Ethicon welcomes changes to Australian guidelines to reduce hospital infection rates
Decriminalisation of Sex Work in South Australia
Support vital to voter participation
Quantum information gets a boost from thin-film breakthrough
BMW and QUT sign MOU on design
A simple, yet versatile
‘Role models count’ – students inspired by Australia’s top scientists
How roads could be made safer for more cyclists
Policy strengthens Otago’s stance against sexual misconduct
Pregnancy stress linked to lower sperm count in male offspring
Birds Perceive ‘Warm’ Colors Differently From ‘Cool’ Ones
Solar Wind Causes Jupiter’s Atmosphere to Heat Up
Hyphens in paper titles harm citation counts and journal impact factors
Volcanic eruption witnessed by Homo sapiens from pre-historic times
Homelessness soars in our biggest cities
Mentally ill at risk of dangerous pregnancy complication
‘Stayin’ alive’ needs practice
Sunshine may decrease risk of inflammatory bowel disease
A Rose Inspires Smart Way to Collect and Purify Water
Call to consider raising minimum legal length of tailor in NSW
LED device could increase memory retention among astronauts
Nuyina in harbour tests
Australians being urged to make more informed healthcare decisions
Public housing program risks reducing homes for vulnerable groups: report
A sustainable model for reducing low-value healthcare in Australian hospitals
Earth recycles ocean floor into diamonds
Commercialization fellows set sights on tech solutions
First ever Aussie Vape Day launched as new study confirms effectiveness of vaping as quit
University researchers shorten path to capturing and recycling CO2 with new process
Study of northern Alaska could rewrite Arctic history
Book reveals wild honeybees’ biology, with insights for beekeepers
Ultra-Quantum Matter research gets $8 million boost
Young herring ‘go with older fish’ a key finding in Ocean Modeling Forum’s efforts
J-WAFS announces seven new seed grants
Teaching language models grammar really does make them smarter
How education changed my life
Being Refreshed Is Not Same As Being Hydrated
New study identifies patterns of growth in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Sensor-packed glove learns signatures of human grasp
Patterns of chronic lymphocytic leukemia growth identified
As seen on TV: University grad is changing channel on representation in film and television
HGF-inhibitory macrocyclic peptide – mechanisms and potential cancer theranostics
Art-science collaboration spotlights pollinator health
Can I mix this with that? What people are asking about complementary medicines
Walk-in well-being clinic permanently open for business
Lessons from Granada
Greater transparency needed over lobbyist influence on UK renewable energy schemes
Frustrated by Brexit? New paper on implications of leaving EU for long-term contracts