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Cornell partners with city to restore historic cemetery
Physicist offers new take on million-dollar math problem
Shoebox-size breath analyzer spots deadly lung disease faster, more accurately than doctors
UO physicist receives a five-year DOE early career award
UCLA’s Energy Atlas expands to provide data for most of Southern California
Key to North Texas’ future? Making watershed sustainable
Pacific Islanders face twenty four hour journeys for emergency maternity care
Water treatment cuts parasitic roundworm infections affecting 800 million people
A small number of leaky natural gas wells produce large emissions of greenhouse gases
How we care for environment may have social consequences
Endometrial diseases can be imitated in a lab dish, new study shows
Is your Supercomputer Stumped? There May Be a Quantum Solution
Police officers’ exposure to peers accused of misconduct shapes their subsequent behavior
High insulin production may contribute to pancreatic cancer
University joins new antimicrobial resistance consortium
Institute For Research On Poverty expands its health policy research
Love connections at heart of unique study
System to Image Human Eye Corrects for Chromatic Aberrations
Engineering team all wet
Pre-eclampsia increases risk of end stage kidney disease
Species aren’t adapting fast enough to cope with climate change, according to new study
Peacekeeping missions can actually increase criminal violence, research finds
Computing-“Seeing” in real time
Artificial intelligence could help air travelers save a bundle
Pitching competition will highlight Iowa State innovation, entrepreneurship
Physicists Make Graphene Discovery that Could Help Develop Superconductors
High-Luminosity LHC: diggers at work 100 metres underground
Sweating is a clue into who develops PTSD-and who doesn’t
Photocatalytic generation of highly reactive alkynes under visible light conditions
Environmental research boosts University of Alberta standing in latest Shanghai rankings
Research looks at virus past to predict future outbreaks
IOP Publishing award for top cited Indian authors
Edinburgh inflammatory bowel disease hotspot
Barn owls may hold key to navigation and location
NTU Singapore and ASEAN Secretariat launch second phase of disaster risk plan to strengthen
Women in STEM: Valentina Ndolo
From Japanese basket weaving art to nanotechnology with ion beams
Mental Fitness Improved by Multilingualism?
Parents support “No Jab, No Pay” policy in Australia, but new research raises questions about equity
How hangovers reduce brain function
USQ scientist international collaboration
Spotlight on Research: Female marriage migrants and care workers, and quest for recognition
Software to empower workers on factory floor
WA expands scope of pharmacist-administered vaccinations
University of Melbourne supports ‘pathways to our future’ at 21st Garma Festival
ANU launches bold new campus vision
Growing plant science relationship across Atlantic
World Health Organization report on tobacco fails 3 million Australian smokers