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One third of humanity can’t see Milky Way due to light pollution
Amazon prepping launch of digital music service
The newest Samsung Galaxy S8 feature “revealed”
Lenovo unwraps concept of bendable phone, folding tablet
Deep Blue iPhone 7 may replace the Space Gray one
Lenovo, Google unveil smartphone that senses everything around you
Apple creates new company to sell solar energy
Motorola unveils Moto Z at Lenovo Tech World 2016 conference
Scientists turn CO2 into rock in climate change fight
Apple announces major changes to the App Store
Snapchat to boast more U.S. users than Twitter, Pinterest by late 2016
Aussie researchers shed light on human evolution
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos vows to invest $3 bn in India
Nissan’s Infiniti looks to bring self-driving cars to highways
Snapchat rolling out changes to its Discover platform
Facebook to change the way you ‘tag’ people forever?
New radio map reveals more about Jupiter’s atmosphere
Study finds archerfish can recognize human faces
Google now selling Acer Chromebook 11 and 14
Samsung may release 2 smartphones with bendable screens in 2017
iPhone 7 Plus “to boast dual camera, smarter connectivity”
Airbus unveils first-ever 3D-printed drone at Berlin show
Facebook refutes eavesdropping conversations for targeted advertising
Scientists to launch 10-year project for creating human genomes
Facebook seeks to curb Zuckerberg’s majority control if he leaves
Samsung unveils cordless earbuds with heart-rate sensor
Microsoft looking to build self-driving tech, not necessarily a car
Microsoft brings Outlook Mail, Calendar to HoloLens
Facebook kills Notify app 7 months after launching it
Scientists propose ambitious project to synthesize human genome
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says golden era of technology nears
Philippine gov’t launches program to mitigate La Nina effect
EU warns against banning Airbnb, Uber
Xiaomi to have Skype, Microsoft Office apps pre-installed in devices
Asteroids may be major source of Moon’s water
Hydrothermal vents, methane seeps play big role in marine life, global climate
ASUS rolls out family friendly household assistant bot Zenbo
Samsung Galaxy S8 “to feature a 4K screen”
Tesla announces Gigafactory grand opening for July 29
France bans work emails outside office hours
Iran wants foreign messaging platforms to store data inside country
Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe boasts world’s first “invisible” antenna lines
Movies made to record droplets getting blown up by X-ray laser
NASA successfully deploys space station’s inflatable room
Michigan preparing to allow for public sales, operation of self-driving cars
SpaceX successfully lands Falcon rocket at sea for third time
“The Equalizer” producer nabs historical thriller “The Technologists”
Snapchat eyes $1 bn in annual revenue by 2017: report