Council convenes convoy roundtable

With the arrival of Bob Brown’s Stop Adani Convoy in Clermont this weekend, Council is convening a roundtable of key stakeholders to ensure an environment of mutual respect.

“Whilst Council is fundamentally opposed to the objectives of the Stop Adani Convoy, we must also be a voice of reason and measure on behalf of our community,” Mayor Anne Baker said.

“Council will be bringing together representatives from all key stakeholders – the protest groups, police and traditional owners – to ensure there is a clear expectation of mutual respect in our community.

“We have received assurances from both Bob Brown’s Stop Adani Convoy and the Protest the Protesters event that their activities will be peaceful, lawful and respectful of differing viewpoints on this issue.”

Mayor Baker said this was the same expectation of any group or organisation planning to hold a demonstration or assembly in Isaac communities.

“At the end of the day, we are a community which respects democratic expression through peaceful demonstration, no matter how strongly opposed we may be to that particular viewpoint,” she said.

“What I am asking of everyone is to be respectful of others’ views, appreciate it differs from yours and understand it takes more than one voice to hold a genuine conversation.

“We will absolutely not tolerate behaviour that is disruptive.”

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