Council launches registration amnesty to combat spike in unregistered dogs

A Dog Registration Amnesty will run for the month of May to combat a rising number of unregistered dogs in the region.

During the amnesty, Noosa residents can register their dogs free of charge (usually $160 or $40 for desexed dog) by popping into Council offices on Pelican Street or by submitting the online form.

Local Laws Manager Phil Amson said there’s an alarming spike in the number of unregistered dogs in Noosa.

“Almost half of all dogs that come into our pound, are unregistered.

“Our officers have noticed an increase in the number of unregistered dogs in the region. In fact, both anecdotal and statistical evidence suggests that we have between 5000 and 8000 unregistered dogs in Noosa,” he said.

According to the Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008, dogs older than three months of age must be registered with Council.

Mr Amson said unregistered dogs affect the community in a number of ways.

“Dog owners mightn’t realise that the maximum fines for owning an unregistered dog is $2610, so it can be quite costly. Further to that, dog registrations allow Council to identify and reunite pets with their owners.

“We are encouraging locals with unregistered dogs to register them for free during May as part of our no-questions-asked Dog Registration Amnesty.”

This initiative is further supported by a joint venture with RSPCA Queensland to offer heavily discounted Microchipping Days at various locations around Noosa from June until the end of the year.

“We are also teaming up with RSPCA to provide $24.95 Microchipping Days so pet owners can easily drop in to a local park and microchip their cats and dogs.

“Once again, we need pet owners to take responsibility to register and microchip their animals. Fines for owners who fail to microchip their cats and dogs can be as high as $2600 and as a Council, we are making it easy for owners to do the right thing.”

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