Dapto A&H Society admires Mestrov’s commitment to recycling – only problem is what he’s recycling

Dapto A&H Society

Media Release 4 December 2019

Dapto A&H Society admires Mestrov’s commitment to recycling –

the only problem is what he’s recycling are the facts

Dapto A&H Society today responded to the latest instalment of misinformation by Greyhound Racing New South Wales in its statement released this afternoon.

Dapto A&H Society CEO, Katrina Novak, said:

“Mr Mestrov has tried to create yet another stunt by involving scarce police resources in what is an open and shut case: the fable of the missing computers and records. This is a scandalous waste of scarce community policing resources. As Mr Mestrov and his minions at GRNSW well know this precise matter is already the subject of orders made by the Supreme Court to which no party objects.

“What possible motivation could Mr Carroll have to involve the police when the judiciary has this under active control?

“As reiterated previously, Dapto A&H Society categorically rejects any assertion that the administrator, whose legitimacy has been questioned openly by the court, has been denied access to appropriate records. All books and records have been available at the offices of our external accountant since the 7th of November.

GRNSW’s secret plans to take over Dapto A&H

“Tony Mestrov has demonstrated a secret agenda which is to try and engineer a back-door takeover of our profitable society, presumably in an attempt to plug the financial black hole at GRNSW which recently announced a reversal in financial performance of more than $6 million in one year.

“This is Tony Mestrov’s very own ‘Million Dollar Chase’ as he seeks to use any means however illegitimate to try to take over our profitable society. While today he has repeated his previous denials of this fact, the evidence clearly demonstrates his true intent.

“Dapto A&H is not the first club he has used dodgy tactics to facilitate a hostile takeover against the wishes of the community and the board and in abuse of his statutory powers,” she said.

“GRNSW has recycled a raft of previous claims it put to a prominent news organisation more than a week ago which that news organisation did not see fit to publish. Today he has issued the same statement with a different date.

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