Dedication to Service and community acknowledged in Honours and Awards Ceremony

Commissioner Katarina Carroll joined members of the executive leadership team to congratulate employees of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) for their dedicated contributions to their roles within the Service.

The ceremony saw over 30 officers and staff members recognised with the presentation of a range of prestigious awards.

Commissioner Carroll said all award recipients should be very proud of their achievements.

“These awards are not only representations of time and hard work, but also the dedication to servicing the community that uplifts the reputation of the Queensland Police Service as a whole,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“As members of the QPS, we are expected to meet the highest ethical standards and today’s ceremony has been another wonderful opportunity to recognise those who have risen to that challenge.

“It’s important that we take this time to recognise our members who face unique and challenging environments everyday whilst working together to make the community safer.”

Recipients included officers who were awarded one of two national-level awards; the National Police Service Medal, awarded after 15 years of service; and the National Medal and Clasps, also awarded after 15 years of service.

National Medals and National Police Service Medals were awarded to Detective Senior Sergeant Aaron Baxter and Sergeant Nicole Arnold.

Senior Constable Patricia Robinson was awarded the National Medal, National Police Service Medal, Queensland Police Service Medal and the 15 Year Clasp.

Superintendent Craig Huxley, Inspector Brett Hampson, Detective Inspector David Hickey, Senior Sergeant Greg Gray and Detective Sergeant Michael Kelly were each awarded their 2nd Clasp to the National Medal.

Inspector Michael Thiesfield and Senior Sergeant Nicole Jaramazovic were also amongst award recipients, awarded their 1st Clasp to the National Medal.

Fifteen Year Clasps were also awarded to Detective Senior Sergeant Aaron Baxter, Ms Zita Evans and Ms Carolyn Harrison.

Queensland Police Service Medals were awarded to Detective Senior Constable Andrew Edgecomb, Ms Sashi Bali, Mr Leslie Kershaw and Mr Paul Griffiths.

Mr Griffiths was also in receipt of a Queensland Police Exemplary Conduct Medal with a Corporate Clasp for his skill and dedication as a Victim Identification Coordinator.

Mr Griffiths receiving both of his awards

Several officers also received clasps for 35, 25, 20 and 15 years of service to the QPSM, recognising outstanding achievements and length of service within the organisation.

For his extensive and protracted work as a career criminal investigator, creating and providing specialist homicide and sex offences investigation courses and for strengthening the relationship the QPS has with the Brisbane transgender community, Senior Sergeant Christopher Fenelon was awarded a Queensland Police Meritorious Service Medal.

Senior Sergeant Tanya Hunter also received a Queensland Police Meritorious Service Medal for her commitment and excelling in a variety of work areas within the QPS whilst also undertaking an ambassador role externally.

Senior Sergeant Hunter was one of the recipients of a Queensland Police Meritorious Service Medal

Queensland Police Exemplary Conduct Medals with a Corporate Clasp were awarded to:

Inspector Garrath Channells for the implementation of the new Enterprise Risk Management System across the QPS.

Senior Sergeant Melanie Wilkins who introduced significant improved changes to awards and providing recognition to retired and fallen officers.

Sergeant Lesley Phinn for her professionalism and leadership in her role as a Strategy and Performance Officer.

  • Inspector Channells accepting his award

  • Sergeant Phinn seated with friends and family after receiving her award

  • Senior Sergeant Wilkins accepting her award

Commissioner’s Certificates are awarded to members that display intelligence, resourcefulness, dedication to duty to a degree exceeding what might be reasonably expected.

For their involvement in Operation North Invoice relating to drug trafficking activities, Detective Sergeant Gavin Baxter, Detective Sergeant Grant Linwood, Detective Sergeant John Hare, Detective Senior Constable Linda Bowman and Mr Toby Evans received the certificate.

Commissioner’s Certificates were awarded to those involved in Operation North Invoice

“It was a proud moment to be able to recognise so many for their great work,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“Well done to all.”

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