Distraction but no change in course for Labor rabble

Michael Ferguson,Leader of the House

Rebecca White has been panicked into announcing her revised Shadow Ministry this afternoon to distract from the return to Parliament of Madeleine Ogilvie, which follows a nightmare two weeks for Labor.

Today, Ms White had a chance to plot a new course for Labor with her Shadow Ministry, yet, like the Titanic, she has chosen to stay full steam ahead towards the iceberg.

Bereft of policy ideas, and having lost a seat on a recount in an extraordinary and unprecedented fashion, Labor is a rabble and their brand is toxic.

The selection of former, failed Labor Economic Development Minister, David O’Byrne, as Shadow Treasurer demonstrates just how out of touch they remain on Tasmania’s economy.

During the Labor-Green Government under David O’Byrne stewardship, 10,000 Tasmanians lost their jobs and our state was plunged into recession.

No doubt, Mr O’Byrne will use his new position to re-launch his push for the Labor leadership.

Rebecca White’s ‘everyone gets a prize’ approach to distributing Shadow portfolios smacks of a leader desperate to keep her job.

No matter how she shuffles the deckchairs, the fact remains, that after five and a half years in Opposition, Labor still has no long-term plan for Tasmania’s economic future, nor apologised for the 10,000 jobs lost under the last Labor-Green Government.

Labor’s toxic and Tasmanians know it.

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