Draft Aboriginal Justice Agreement Released

The Northern Territory LaborGovernment has released a draft of the Territorys first Aboriginal JusticeAgreement and is encouraging additional feedback from Territorians andinterested organisations.

The Territory Labor Governmentis prioritising the improvement of justice outcomes and services for AboriginalTerritorians including reducing the rates of reoffending, imprisonment, andengaging and supporting strong Aboriginal leadership.

The draft Aboriginal JusticeAgreement is underpinned by research, evidence-based data and the testimoniesof Aboriginal people collected during two years of consultations, whichinvolved 80 communities and 120 sessions. A further six months ofconsultation is now underway to ensure the final NT Aboriginal JusticeAgreement meets the requirements of all stakeholders.

The are clear deficits injustice outcomes for Aboriginal Territorians and only when these inequities areidentified and accepted can genuine and lasting improvements be implemented.

The Aboriginal Justice Agreement will:

set out how the Government andAboriginal people will work together to make justice work in the NT;

build trust and engagement on justiceissues in the NT;

focus on practical solutions to reducethe levels of Indigenous incarceration;

deliver strategies for theimplementation of more local decision-making in the justice system.

/Public Release. View in full here.