Driver dubbed ‘worst learner ever’ after it took 39 attempts for him to pass his driving test

TWENTY-two drivers – including one man from Liverpool – have been branded the ‘worst learners ever’ after they collectively took more than 700 attempts at passing their driving test, and four STILL failed.

New figures released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to the BBC this week showed that 22 people in England have sat their practical driving test at least 30 times since 2010 – and not all of them have passed.

Top of the list is a 38-year-old man from Liverpool who eventually passed his test in the last 12 months on his 39th go.

The DVSA released the shocking figures this week as it raised the issue of whether learners should only be able to sit their test a maximum number of times.

The man had failed to pass his practical after 38 attempts at the Garston test centre before finally passing – although four of the worst drivers still have yet to successfully complete the test.

Coming in a close second by both finally passing on their 36th try were two 44-year-olds, a man and a woman, from Sutton Coldfield and Weston-Super-Mare.

Astonishingly one 24-year-old woman from Middleborough has racked up 35 attempts all on her own before succeeding in gaining her licence five years ago.

And in London another man and a woman, aged 49 and 36, both took 33 goes to finally get it right at centres in Hendon and Enfield.

With a practical test costing £62 a pop during a weekday or £75 if taken in the evening or on weekends and bank holidays, these drivers have racked up £53,475 worth in test fees ALONE – that’s more than the cost of a new V6 Jaguar F-Type sports car.