How to vote Conservative in Senate: Lambert

Australian Conservatives Release

The Conservative Party’s South Australian Senate candidate, Rikki Lambert writes:

“At next month’s federal election you have two votes, and the white Senate ballot paper vote is grossly misunderstood.

Voters of all ages, all over the state, are very grateful to discover the power of their Senate vote.

The Senate vote has no bearing whatsoever on who forms government.

Only the green ballot paper vote decides if Mr Morrison or Mr Shorten becomes the next Prime Minister.

The Senate was set up to protect the States – hence why it is known as the “states’ house”.

Each state has 12 senators.

The major parties use their blind 28%+ Senate votes to reward party, business, donor or union mates with Senate tenure.

Those major party senators vote along party lines to keep our New South Wales and Victorian overlords happy.

Your Senate vote can stick up for South Australia and bring back common sense.

South Australians have been smart before, and must be again, this Senate election.”

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