Labor calls on Will Hodgman to investigate Hickey leak

  • Hickey’s submission for pay rise was leaked
  • Investigation needed to ensure security of information provided to the TIC
  • Hickey-leak fiasco hurting Government’s reputation
  • Will
    Hodgman must ask Tasmania Police to investigate the alleged leak of the Liberal
    Member for Clark, Sue Hickey’s submission to the Tasmanian Industrial

    Hickey has claimed the submission, which called for her to receive a massive
    pay rise, was leaked to cause her damage.

    Attorney General Ella Haddad said it was vital to get to the bottom of this
    matter to ensure the integrity of the TIC as well as relevant offices.

    of leaks need to be taken very seriously,” Ms Haddad said.

    need to have full faith that a private submission provided to a statutory
    government agency remains private.

    Attorney General, Elise Archer today denied her office was involved in the

    leak has severely impacted on the reputation of Sue Hickey, as well as Will

    “It is now up to Will Hodgman to show some leadership by getting to the bottom of this important matter.”

    Ella Haddad MP

    Shadow Attorney General