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Teachers deserve meaningful pay increases but strike action regrettable
Full-day strike: Catholic school staff demand better pay and conditions
Liberals put $750m floating stadium ahead of wellbeing of Tasmanians
University of Newcastle sacked hundreds of staff despite recording obscene surplus
Real wage cuts getting worse despite unemployment rate under Morrison
New poll shows voters turning on Morrison over wages
Catholic school staff set to take strike action
Retirement calculator 18 May
WPI: Worst Real Wage Decline This Century
Historic pay equity deal will change lives
5% Pay Rise Would Still See Big Business More Profitable Next Year
Morrison announces 5,500 job cuts in final days of campaign
Government welcomes historic pay-equity deal
Morrison offers personal rebrand to workers who have waited decade for pay rise
Fair pay agreements are game-changer
Morrison, paid more than $550k, continues to oppose $1 per hour increase for workers
Australia should lock in full employment: new Grattan report
Morrison, in Annual Wage Review sub, makes clear argument against pay rise for workers
How government is supporting workers
Pay negotiations for care and support workers set up to fail
RBA projects real wage cuts until end of 2023
Monash University’s mammoth surplus mean it’s time to end wage theft and hire more staff
Interest rates normalising at risky time for economy
Gov’s offer to teachers would be $2,000 real wage cut: analysis
RBA hike means wage cap must go
Rate rise hits workers battling Morrison’s cost of living crisis
VIC State Budget should reduce business costs
Decade of Coalition Government costs workers $10,000
Does Morrison think he deserves raise?
Gold Fields Australia’s ‘Copy & Paste’ Fail
Comment on Latest Inflation Figures
Wage Crisis Escalates: Real pay cuts 4 times bigger than projected in budget
Impacts to some services
Bankwest employees to consider industrial action
Longer greenfields agreements deliver certainty
Morrison’s Easter comments reveal plan to cut wages still on agenda
Sydney Uni Staff to Strike for 48 Hours
Unemployment figures will not address rampant insecure work, real wage cuts
ACTU seeks five percent wage increase
ATO win tracker
Collective agreement of universities is approved
New Zealanders confident they can cope with rising prices, survey finds
Government must give striking healthcare workers’ their pay rise or risk health system collapse
Statewide health strike to proceed
Morrison cites “Importance of low-paid work”, doesn’t endorse pay rise in Annual Wage Review submission
Morrison sites “Importance of low-paid work”, doesn’t endorse pay rise in Annual Wage Review submission
Labor’s plan for long-overdue aged care reform
National Living Wage Increase boosts pay of low-paid workers