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New figures reveal alarming shortage of teachers Across NSW
National Minimum Wage increase
Pay boost for public sector workers
Dom’s wages con job
Paramedic industrial action on Budget day
Amid minimum pay increase, Barton calls on Government to allow taxi drivers a living wage
2.5% increase for minimum wage and award workers, but increases for hard-hit sectors delayed
Paramedics to push ahead with industrial action
Business groups seek to exploit lockdown to block min wage increase
Paramedics chalk ambulances, take industrial action over pay
Third McDonald’s franchisee faces court for allegedly denying workers paid rest breaks
Paramedic industrial action
ABC survey finds majority of Australians feel effects of insecure work as society becomes more unequal
Housing data bad news for first home buyers
Workers rally outside Harvey Norman stores across country to support minimum wage increase
Mystate bank fails to keep Up with industry payrise benchmarks
Not right time, not right taxes
Asuria hails latest job figures, warning against impending employment crunch
Snap strike for patient transport officers
Wages rose 0.6% in March quarter 2021: Australia
Fight for Western Sydney Transgrid workers to receive fair pay rise
What is new Super Guarantee in 2021? 12 May
Aged care commitments fall short
PSA meets with government – union members will bargain for pay increases
What is new Super Guarantee in 2021?
Public sector pay restrictions are unacceptable
Government sets pay and workforce expectations for Public Sector
Paramedics win special payment from the IRC
NT budget: devil is in detail
Child care changes good for all Australians
International Workers’ Day 2021 key steps Government has taken to support workers
Plan to introduce unlimited parking at Concord Hospital to help under-siege healthcare workers
Morrison Government fails its own workforce – again
Pay rises for early childhood teachers
Recovery must be shared through wage increases
Deloitte Access Economics Business Outlook: Bump will become grind
NSW government fails to build enough schools and recruit sufficient teachers
Healthcare workers rally against ‘disgraceful’ introduction of paid parking at Campbelltown Hospital
National Living Wage extended to younger workers
1 April changes raise incomes for 1.4 million New Zealanders
Minimum wage increases to $20
Minimum wage increase will see businesses close
Minimum wage increase essential to economic recovery
A tale of three schools: Coptic Board plays favourites
Missed opportunity in Senate for Australian workers
One Nation reported to be considering deal with Morrison to slash workers’ rights
We’re not all in this together – MPs receive pay rises while public sector workers pay frozen
Super rate increase will power economic growth, job creation and wage rises