Labor risks repeating its own 2016 state-wide blackout

The State Government has accused Labor Leader Peter Malinauskas of adopting policies that put South Australia at risk of another state-wide blackout.

This Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) strongly recommends that South Australian Power Networks curtail for short periods of time household solar power systems feeding back into the grid to prevent widespread blackouts.

This policy is critical to grid stability and preventing blackouts, and will cost households with solar systems a few dollars per year if needed.

“It’s incredulous that the Labor Party wants to risk another state-wide blackout by opposing AEMO’s recommendations,” said Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“The Labor Party thought it knew better than the experts and delivered blackouts and exorbitant electricity prices rises while in government.

“It is equally disgraceful that State Labor oppose the construction of the SA-NSW interconnector that will deliver South Australia cheaper electricity and further reduce the possibility of blackouts.

“Having created the problems that plague the South Australian electricity system, Labor now opposes the measures needed to fix the mess it left behind.

“ESCOSA’s annual report into power prices records a $158 savings on electricity bills for households in the last two financial years and shows the Marshall Government is on track to deliver its promise to cut electricity bills by $302 during its first term in office

“The $158 fall in household electricity bills for South Australian households in the last two years is in stark contrast to the $477 increase the Labor Party delivered in its final two years in office.

“South Australians are already accessing even lower prices with further retail price reductions announced since July 1st this year which are additional to these figures.

“Three of SA’s largest retailers, AGL, Origin and Energy Australia, all announced very significant price reductions from July onwards.

“With falling wholesale electricity prices set to drive down the retail price of electricity even further South Australian households and businesses should be actively seeking cheaper electricity from their retailers.

“There has been no better time to demand your retailer cut the price of electricity to your household or small business.

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