Labor’s hidden costings revealed

Australian Conservatives Release
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The difference between the two major parties has never been more stark.

The Australian reports, the Coalition has delivered on its pledge to run a low-spending campaign , announcing just $1.4 billion in new spending over the next four years, and $3.8 billion over a decade, as it delivered its final election costings yesterday.

The extra spending will be offset by $1.5 billion in cuts to the public service, to be delivered under a new “efficiency dividend” for government departments if Scott Morrison wins tomorrow.

In contrast, Labor’s costings, confirmed $154 billion in new revenue-raising measures over a decade, funding $67 billion in election promises, clawing back $32.4 billion from its changes to negative gearing and its $58 billion retiree tax on franking credits. Labor claims the remaining $87 billion will be used to create bigger budget surpluses.

But when have we ever been able to trust Labor when it comes to managing the economy?

As the table above shows, $41.9 billion of Labor’s promises remain unaccounted for.

Labor’s socialist policies will radically redistribute wealth from not just from high earners but also from millions of hard-working middle-income Australians.

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