Liberal Democrats party for law-abiding animal lovers

Liberal Democrats the party for law‑abiding animal lovers

Senator Duncan Spender of the Liberal Democrats has pointed out that extremist animal rights groups don’t represent animal lovers or the majority of Australians.

“Like many Australians, I am concerned about high stocking densities on some Australian farms and feedlots and in transit, about animals being constrained, and about the harsh counter-measures that are sometimes employed in response to problematic animal behaviours,” Senator Spender said.

“I’m concerned about animals being routinely removed from their young and about the killing of animals in ways that aren’t as quick as possible.

“But like many Australians I believe that progress on animal welfare is not achieved by law‑breaking and trespass, and is definitely not achieved by stealing baby animals away from farms.

“We should throw the book at anyone engaged in such unlawful behaviour.

“Australians concerned for animal welfare are free to seek to drive change through their decisions on what to buy, such as by choosing free range and pasture fed options.

“Concerned Australians can also seek to persuade and convince others that they need to change what they purchase.

“Concerned Australians can campaign for increased transparency in animal husbandry so that more Australians can see on-farm conditions.

“And if tighter regulations on animal treatment are necessary, we can commit to getting it right by consulting with and listening to farmers, and by making changes gradually.

“The Liberal Democrats are a moderate party that listens to farmers and everyday animal lovers.”

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