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Arts funding assessment process
PJCIS to review re-listing Islamic State East Asia as a terrorist organisation
Cyprus Center for Land, Open-seas, and Port Security
Language used to describe ‘homegrown terrorism’ reveals as much about those who coined it as it does about
Labor votes against laws to keep Australians safe
New resources to counter COVID-19 conspiracy theories through critical thinking and empathy
Fight Online Antisemitism
Review of listing and re-listing of three organisations as terrorist organisations under Criminal Code
Fight Online Antisemitism
Sharing to social media: is it sensationalism or social good?
Detainee distributing child exploitation images shows need for new mobile phone seizure powers
State of art computational analysis used to track online extremist far-right European groups
In midst of a pandemic Wilderness Society shows a callous disregard for Victorian Workers
Calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Syria
Auckland Council must avoid unnecessary and harmful cutbacks
Report looking at how hateful extremists have been exploiting current pandemic
Germany: European Hotspot of Far Right Violence
Bunnings’ short-sighted decision will cost Aussie jobs and lead to environment-destroying imports
Text of a Notice on Continuation of National Emergency with Respect to Western Balkans
Award-winning article casts doubt on Prevent Duty’s effectiveness
Three men charged and 14 firearms seized as part of NSW JCTT investigation
Three men arrested and a total of 14 firearms seized as part of NSW JCTT investigation
Commission for Countering Extremism launches a legal review to examine effectiveness of existing legislation
Pursuing peace in Sahel
How Right-Wing Violence in Western Europe Changed in 2019
Dead Sea Scrolls “puzzle” solved with DNA from ancient animal skins
Dead Sea Scrolls “puzzle” solved with DNA from ancient animal skins
New Commander for Joint Task Force – IMPACT & Task Force CENTRAL
Scholarship “Integrated Learning” for Daan Weggemans
New Bill to counter violent extremism online
Quest for Genuine Muslim Leadership
Melbourne man sentenced over foiled NYE terror plot
Christchurch Call makes significant progress
Christchurch Call: One year Anniversary
Stronger search and seizure powers for immigration detention
Operation Lonestar: 315th TRS intel capstone course
CasaPound Italia: Contemporary Extreme Right Politics
Police charge man after investigation into historic foreign incursion – NSW JCTT
Recording CPL & ICCT Live Briefing – Right Wing Extremism In Europe
Partners in crime? A historical perspective on cumulative extremism in Denmark
Artificial intelligence reveals hate and extremism online
Third man charged after operational activity on NSW South Coast
Second NSW South Coast man charged with a terrorism offence
NSW man charged in JCTT operation
NSW south coast man charged with terrorism offences
Canada stands with New Zealand one year after terrorist attack in Christchurch
MEAA releases new ethics guidelines to help journalists reporting on hate speech and extremism
Religious discourses in Europe: how different is Far-Right?