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Another opportunity to strengthen firearms law
New Zealand safer as Terrorism Suppression becomes law
Review of re-listing of four organisations as terrorist organisations under Criminal Code
Leaders must commit to challenging hateful extremism warns Government’s extremism advisor
Building a Stronger Britain Together boosts community resilience
Religious Freedom Bills – Ai Group releases submission
Prime Minister welcomes Facebook’s action
QRC supports new law to crack down on dangerous rail protests
Palaszczuk Government cracks down on dangerous devices used by extremists
No law change needed – just do your job, Minister
Real cost would come from ignoring emissions standards, and would be paid by Australian drivers
Director-General deplores killing of journalists Hodan Nalayeh and Mohamed Sahal Omar in Somali terror attack
Commission releases new research into extremism in UK
Lead Commissionner’s speech on a positive vision for countering extremism
Review of listing and re-listing of six organisations as terrorist organisations under
Tough new penalties for would-be farm invaders
Farmers welcome proposed tough new penalties for farm invaders
UN Human Rights Council 41 Syria
Swastika parades on Swastika Rehabilitation Day
£770,000 awarded through Building a Stronger Britain Together
PM calls for immediate action to improve response to terrorist content online
Statement – G20 Leaders’ Summit
UK opens new training centre for Somali National Army in Baidoa
Message to Congress on Continuation of National Emergency with Respect to Western Balkans
Rapid Response Locked and Loaded
Elite Team To tackle High-Level Threats
Are we ready to rise up against racism in Australia?
New Zealand confirms ongoing participation in Operation Gallant Phoenix
New Zealand to refocus deployment to Afghanistan
Preventing Terrorist Attacks And Keeping Our Streets Safe
Terrorists taking up almsgiving
NZ joins Chile and Singapore in talks on a Digital Economy Partnership
Comment from Jacinda Ardern on Facebook livestreaming announcement
New high-security cells for terrorist offenders
Victorian Liberals Must Explain Extremist Links
Our plan to keep Australians safe online
Twin blights on our democracy
Open Doors Australia calls on Australian Government to institute a National Day
IS member jailed in SA legal first
Liberal Democrats party for law-abiding animal lovers
It’s time for action on anti-farm extremists
Besieged farmers hail jail time for extremist ringleaders
Who will help us protect our farms and families?
Border Road Rehabilitation Project Ground Breaking Ceremony in Jordan
Statement from Minister Goodale on Public Report on Terrorist Threat in Canada
Prudent pause needed for proper consultation on Sharing of Abhorrent Violent Material Amendment Bill
Greens’ plan to ‘save world’ will destroy Australia
Royal Commission not an excuse to ignore security concerns