Liberty Industrial commission world class fleet of high reach demolition excavators

Liberty Industrial have added a number of custom built High Reach Demolition Excavators to their state of the art fleet of demolition plant and equipment. The newest addition is considered a game changer for the Australian demolition industry.

This latest addition is a custom built Kocurek modified Hitachi Ex1200 High Reach Demolition Excavator weighing in at 200 tonne. Affectionately dubbed the Swiss Army Knife of demolition excavators, the machine has been designed with versatility in mind, equipped with a range of working heights and attachment sizes.

The 200 tonne custom built high reach demolition excavator boasts a four stage heavy demolition configuration that reaches 36 metres with a 7 tonne attachment, a three stage configuration to reach 30 metres with a 13 tonne attachment and a 20 metre two piece configuration with a 25 tonne attachment making it one of the world’s most versatile demolition excavators.

The machine also has a dedicated telescopic front, reaching an impressive 60 metres with a 3.5 tonne attachment. The highest demolition excavator in Australia.

A second Hitachi Ex1200, already within Liberty Industrial’s fleet of demolition excavators has been modified to carry a 10 tonne attachment at 20 metres reach and two new 48 tonne Volvo EC480 Excavators have been fitted with three stage high reach booms that can be configured for 24 or 26 metres of reach.

These machines are fitted with a full range of demolition attachments including concrete crackers and shears for the demolition of concrete or steel structures, as well as the latest state of the art warning systems to ensure the machine remains stable and within its safe working range.

Liberty Industrial Director Simon Gill said that the machines have been purpose built for demolition with safety at the heart of their design. “They are perfectly designed for the industrial environment with heavy steel at height such as mining process plants, power stations and oil and gas infrastructure.”

The introduction of the high reach fleet further reinforces Liberty Industrial’s risk minimisation strategy which is focused on the removal of personnel from the demolition workface.

“These machines enable us to demolish large and heavy structures without the need to preweaken them and reduce the need for our crews to work at height,” Gill added.

/Public Release.