Macedon brigade awards night

Macedon Fire Brigade held a presentation dinner on 12 October 2019 where members’ contribution to their community was recognised.

Macedon brigade awards night

From left to right: T Templeman, P Wilkinson, D Morley, R Hyland, C Deering, J Deering, L Miles, D Millard

  • Tom Templeman (apparatus officer): 10 year medal
  • Phil Wilkinson (firefighter): 15 year medal
  • Clytie Deering (brigade member): 15 year medal
  • Daniel Millard (4th lieutenant): 15 year medal
  • Phil Wilkinson (brigade member): 15 year medal
  • Rob Hyland (firefighter): 35 year medal
  • John Deering (regional commander): 35 year medal

The National Medal was awarded to three members:

  • Rob Hyland (firefighter)
  • David Morley (firefighter)
  • Liam Miles (3rd lieutenant)

Not present:

  • Iain Maitland (firefighter): 5 year certificate
  • Glen Wyatt (firefighter): 5 year certificate
  • Mathew McNab (firefighter): 10 year medal
  • Brendan Ilsley (firefighter): 25 year medal
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