Melbourne Mum’s Safety Alarm for Walking After Dark

A Melbourne Mum worried about her daughter walking at night has developed a new clip on safety alarm.

The Safety Pin omits a 110db siren when removed from clothing and founder Sharyn Lowe hopes it will become a standard accessory for people walking alone.

Lowe decided to do something in response to increasing number of victims of sexual assault In Australia.

The recently released ABS Victim of Crime Data revealed sexual assault increased for the seventh consecutive year to 26,312 victims nationally.

The majority of victims recorded were female and around half were aged between 10 and 19 years (45% or 11,911 victims).

“I was sick and tired of reading about women being assaulted but very little being done proactively,” said Lowe.

“My daughter walks her dog after dark and this made me very nervous,” she said.

“Unlike other products, it has been designed to clip onto your collar, handbag or backpack so you can easily reach it in an emergency.

“It’s not much use having an alarm in your handbag where it can’t be quickly reached so The Safety Pin fixes this problem,” she said.

While it should not be the responsibility for people to protect themselves against attackers, this product is a quick and simple step to take if you’re walking alone, especially at night.

“I don’t see any point in just saying women should be able to feel safe – of course we should be able to walk alone at night”, said Lowe.

“In the same breath we shouldn’t need to lock our homes or our cars to protect them against theft – criminals shouldn’t steal,” said Lowe.

“However just as we protect our possessions, we can now take this simple step to protect ourselves and our families,” she said.

The Safety Pin is sold directly from the website and has been priced affordably at $29 for one and further discounts for packs of three and five.

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