New Festival Plaza design will draw a crowd

South Australians have been given a look at the new designs for the Festival Plaza Public Realm which is set to become one of the City’s premier events and open public spaces.

The new changes to the Public Realm design include;

  • Construction of dual escalators on the northern side of the station entry stairs, next to the Dunstan Playhouse;
  • Provision of infrastructure to support activation of the Public Realm for events including power and feature lighting;
  • Realignment and reduction in number of arbours and reduction in size of water feature to increase event space capacity and to facilitate size and type of events that could be accommodated on the Public Realm;
  • Paving and re-landscaping up to the area between the AFC and Dunstan Playhouse shells; and,
  • Additional security bollards.

“The Festival Plaza Public Realm will be a new events and open public space in the heart of the Riverbank precinct that will continue the area’s transformation,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll.

“The new Festival Plaza designs will ensure this is a world-class events space and can facilitate larger crowds than the initial design.

“The new Festival Plaza will be used for gatherings and events hosting up to thousands of people which will be a huge boost for tourism, businesses and local jobs.

“It will include shaded and leafy areas for people to relax and have lunch, a unique South Australian first ‘misting’ water feature, the provision of free WiFi access and many other features.

“This open space design will be complemented by outdoor dining areas and associated retail activities, meaning it will become a destinate for locals and tourists alike.

“There’s also improvements around accessibility and safety with the inclusion of escalators and additional security bollards.

“There is over $1 billion of both private and publicly funded investment in and around the Riverbank precinct and the new Festival Plaza design will ensure there is a beautiful open space for all South Australians to enjoy.”

The new design is the result of extensive consultation with the Riverbank Precinct stakeholders including the Stadium Management Authority, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide Venue Management Authority, Intercontinental Hotel, SkyCity, City of Adelaide and the Walker Corporation.

The new Public Realm designs have been lodged with SCAP as an update to the initial Development Application which was approved in May 2016.

Subject to approvals, works are expected to begin this year and be completed in early 2023.

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