NSW SES Large Animal Rescue training in Grafton

When an 800kg horse or cow gets stuck in the mud – it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to set them free. This weekend NSW State Emergency volunteers are learning how to safely and correctly rescue large animals by attending training in Grafton.

The two-day training course is conducted by NSW SES Large Animal Rescue (LAR) specialists. The 20 participants will spend time in the classroom before heading out for practical training using life size mannequins.

There are currently eight realistic prosthetic animals on rotation. All are given names with an SES theme such as LARry, PeguSES and FranSES.

NSW SES volunteers will learn how to approach a distressed animal then to properly use rescue equipment before to attempting to move the animal.

“It’s not a simple as putting a rope around the animal and pulling,” says Large Animal Rescue Trainer Dave King.

“Often the animals are scared and in a distressed state. Our NSW SES volunteers learn skills and techniques when managing large frightened animals.”

NSW SES conducts regular training sessions for volunteers. The large animal rescue course is one of many opportunities for NSW SES volunteers to learn, refine or refresh skills.

“These specialist skills are a significant and valued part of to the NSW SES rescue capability,” says NSW SES Commissioner Kyle Stewart.

NSW SES has 9,500 volunteers who partner with their communities prior to and during emergencies.

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