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Flexible Nanoelectrodes Offer Precise Brain Stimulation
Smart chip based on human brain
Project BioFINE to improve bionic prostheses
Brain Activity Predicts Tongue Shape During Feeding
Amputees feel warmth in their missing hand
Amputees Experience Warmth in Missing Hand
Soft E-Skin Creates Nerve-Like Impulses to Communicate with Brain
Bent Medical Implants May Increase Bacterial Growth, Says Study
University’s Longest-Serving Employee Invited by Royal Family
Routine Antibiotics Fail to Improve Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Results
Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month
First child blast injury research hub launched globally
Epworth gives tech teacher 3D printing lesson
Electronic Skin Imitates Crocodile Flexibility
Vessl Prosthetics Embraces Inclusion in Product Design
Taking long view: Deep Time Project
Amputees’ Mobility Boosted by Hip Muscle Exercises
Blood Test Detects Prosthetic Joint Infections
Navigating Complex Biological Systems with Smart Fibers
Sierra Leone to Boost Orthotic and Prosthetic Care via Partnership
Maker Challenge 2022: look back at year of youth innovation
Science friction: Study links nano and macro aspects of everyday force
Neural Networks Best State-of-the Art for Robotic Prosthetics Control
Police appeal to locate missing man – Northern Beaches PAC
FAU Team Joins EU Project on Intent Detection in Prosthetics
Stem cell plasters to stop children needing repeated heart surgeries
Engineering better POP treatment option
$23 million for innovative health and medical research
Transcriptomic technology can help identify infections after knee and hip replacements
Utah bionic leg on Science Robotics cover
Investing in training for dental technicians
Making Prosthetics More Lifelike
Young Attending’s Corner
Researchers develop new technology that could enable better control systems for prosthetic limbs
Engineers light way to bionics of future
Engineers light way to nerve-operated prosthetics of future
Engineers light way to nerve-operated prosthetics of future
Patient Credits UConn Health for Saving Her from Breast Cancer and then Giving Her Life Back with New Technology
Magnetic sensors track muscle length
Pediatric investigation article sheds light on virulence of staphylococcus lugdunensis in pediatric populations
Research takes on massive problem: Chronic infection linked to medical devices
Road accidents and diabetes now among most common causes for people needing prosthetic care in Cambodia
New treatment for deadly condition
‘Fantastic win’ for regional patients
Minister Rodriguez announces recipients under fifth intake of Creative Export Canada Program
Despite fears, 3D printing has positive effects on global trade
New job platform to address low employment rates of people with disability
Researchers develop new breath-driven concept set to transform access to hand prosthetics