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New brain-painting method developed at USF being tested for ADHD treatment
Engineers at UBC get under skin of ionic skin
Innovative new surgery provides new hope for patient with prosthetic leg
Scientists take step toward developing ‘electric eye’
New Insights into Neuroscience Behind Conscious Awareness of Choice
Touchy subject: 3D printed fingertip ‘feels’ like human skin
EBOS’ proposed acquisition of Pacific Health Group not opposed
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks Before Discussion with Researchers and Patients on Advanced Research Project Agency for Health
Erbil: new glimpse of hope, ICRC opens largest Physical Rehabilitation Centre in Iraq
Mayo Clinic launches first national collaborative Limb Loss and Preservation Registry
Variation in performance between different artificial heart valves
Less antibiotic use in dentistry gave no increase in endocarditis
Speed of sound used to measure elasticity of materials
Novel wearable armband helps users of prosthetic hands to ‘get grip’
Hybrid machine-learning approach gives hand to prosthetic-limb gesture accuracy
Optimized Filtering Technique Enhances Electromyogram Signal Quality for Upper Limb Prostheses Control
Personalizing treatment for severe limb injuries
World’s fastest blade runner gets no competitive advantage from prostheses, study shows
World’s fastest blade runner gets no competitive advantage from prostheses
Checking it twice – biosecurity awareness is key to festive giving
U-M, Humotech partner to bring open-source bionic leg to research labs
Technique speeds up thermal actuation for soft robotics
Day in life of commercial diver
Making her way through MIT
SunSmart launches graphic campaign to educate people about UV
First patient fitted with 3D printed eye
Birds of prey wear 3D-printed shoes to treat foot disease
UOW researcher developing artificial muscle in miniature devices recognised on global stage
Tributes paid after death of creator of revolutionary Exeter hip, global success story
‘Living medicine’ created to treat drug-resistant infections
Living Retina Achieves Sensitivity and Efficiency Engineers Can Only Dream About
Improving Control for Users of Robotic Prosthetics
Police seek help to find missing man at Coopers Plains
Vision unveiled: new roles for retina in visual processing
Graphene made with lasers for wearable health devices
Afghanistan: War shatters bodies and souls. Four decades of war shatters nations
Research step into future with award-winning bionic limb design
Swinburne grad enhancing lives through work in MedTech
Nasal cartilage relieves osteoarthritis in knee
HKUMed designs novel nanoscale surface structure to accelerate implant-to-bone integration through immune coordination
Magnets could offer better control of prosthetic limbs
Inflatable robotic hand gives amputees real-time tactile control
Wounded warriors share message of resilience in Florida
Liquid metal sensors and AI could help prosthetic hands to ‘feel’
Australian biosecurity’s most interesting finds
Restoring amputees’ natural functionality with brain-controlled interfaces
A taste of your own medicine: 3D printing personalised pills
Rural road trauma survivor thanks first responders who saved his life