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DNA inspired supercoiling fibres for artificial muscles
Computer model fosters potential improvements to ‘bionic eye’ technology
Prostheses List Reforms
Study Shows Powered Prosthetic Ankles Can Restore a Wide Range of Functions for Amputees
Incidents and victims of landmine explosions in Syria increased despite military operations eased: New report
Cambodian study assesses 3D scanning technologies for prosthetic limb design
Blackwood Op Shop finds family’s missing history
NDS calls for rollout of compulsory NDIS assessments to cease
AMA working with Goverment on prostheses reform
New surgery may enable better control of prosthetic limbs
Tree resin could cure infections caused by MRSA bacteria
Wollongong-made 3D bioprinters hit global stage
Wollongong 3D bioprinters hit global stage
Amazing spider mite silk key to new nanomaterial “stronger than steel”
As brain plans movements, middle frontal gyrus is listening
Bionic touch does not remap brain
High-five or thumbs-up? New device detects which hand gesture you want to make
New center for leading research into bionics and pain
Exeter hip: 50 years of making healthcare better
To Benefit Paralyzed Veterans, Polymer Coating Aims To Extend Life of Microelectrodes
New process narrows gap between natural and synthetic materials
International competition for ‘cyborgs’ at Chalmers
3D Printed Prosthetic Breast Grant Awarded to UConn Health
Concordia’s Ann-Louise Davidson debuts a children’s book about maker culture
Meanings of masks
RACV solar puts power back in hands of Victorian charity
Real Neurons are Noisy. Can Neural Implants Figure That Out?
UK military dog to receive PDSA Dickin Medal after tackling Al Qaeda insurgents
Researchers develop tool to help build better prosthetic limbs
Exoskeleton Research Marches Forward With NIST Study on Fit
New US postage stamp highlights MIT research
Soft robot actuators heal themselves
Phage therapy shows potential for treating prosthetic joint infections
Tip of Iceberg: Oral-Overall Health Link
Space station motors make a robotic prosthetic leg more comfortable, extend battery life
Medical device suppliers’ merger raises competition concerns
Study: Neurons can shift how they process information about motion
TSU will launch first ceramic dental post production in Russia
World’s First 3D Artificial Eye Developed
Researchers Incorporate Computer Vision, Uncertainty into AI for Robotic Prosthetics
‘It’s a New Me’: Stepping Into Life With Restored Limb
New approach allows blind, sighted people to “see” shapes
AAIB Report Jodel D117A, heavy landing due to detachment of prosthesis
University researchers mobilize resources to produce equipment for health-care workers
Obesity linked to earlier need for knee replacements
Cynthia Chestek: Lifelong Maker Uses Brain Waves to Control Prosthetics
‘It’s like you have a hand again’: An ultra-precise mind-controlled prosthetic
MTU Engineers Zap and Unstick Underwater Smart Glue