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Medical device suppliers’ merger raises competition concerns
Study: Neurons can shift how they process information about motion
TSU will launch first ceramic dental post production in Russia
World’s First 3D Artificial Eye Developed
Researchers Incorporate Computer Vision, Uncertainty into AI for Robotic Prosthetics
‘It’s a New Me’: Stepping Into Life With Restored Limb
New approach allows blind, sighted people to “see” shapes
AAIB Report Jodel D117A, heavy landing due to detachment of prosthesis
University researchers mobilize resources to produce equipment for health-care workers
Obesity linked to earlier need for knee replacements
Cynthia Chestek: Lifelong Maker Uses Brain Waves to Control Prosthetics
‘It’s like you have a hand again’: An ultra-precise mind-controlled prosthetic
MTU Engineers Zap and Unstick Underwater Smart Glue
Overlooked arch in foot is key to its evolution and function
Mathematician identifies new tricks for old arch in our foot
Reinstated pilot first to fly F-15 Eagle with cervical prosthetic disc
Recycling banks uncover hidden value
Royal visit to meet patients and staff at Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre
Paramedic students will get £5,000 support payment each year
Revolutionary prosthetics software unveiled at CES 2020
Two Mornington Peninsula projects win 2019 Tidy Town Awards
Don’t Be Spooked By Unsafe Products This Halloween
$4 million in funding to ensure everyone can play
Digital technology for anatomy students
‘Soft Tactile Logic’ Tech Distributes Decision-Making Throughout Stretchable Material
Using 3D printing to make prosthetics for Colombia war victims
Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney raises millions
Artificial Muscles Bloom, Dance, and Wave
Optic nerve stimulation to aid blind
Tiny biodegradable circuits for releasing painkillers inside body
Apple offers a look at new emoji coming to iPhone this fall
Clinical spotlight: Zirconia ceramics in restorative dentistry
WinterActive Arcade is back this weekend
Artificial “muscles” achieve powerful pulling force
PolyU organises Hong Kong’s first competition on design-led technology for social good
Turning trash into treasure – Queensland’s push to start a recycling revolution
Clinical trial helps bring sight to blind
3D printed prosthetic hand can guess how you play Rock, Paper, Scissors
Wearable Robot ‘WalkON Suit’ Off to Cybathlon 2020
NSW SES Large Animal Rescue training in Grafton
Dyson School and industry collaborate on innovative 3D printing module
Five-Year Outcomes for Brigham Face Transplant Recipient
More than 380,000 people in Gaza will receive live-saving medical treatment with help from
AMA responds to allied health report
Paralympic dream spurs teenage Logan swimmer
Urgent whereabouts sought of Andrew BENNELL, WA
Oxfam Trailwalker wraps up: Sydneysiders raise millions