Origin of Identity Exhibition open for public at Gallery DownTown

Michael Stiegler’s exhibition ‘Origin of Identity’ is open for public at Gallery DownTown (Tweed Heads) until 6 April 2021.

Origin of Identity is an exhibition showcasing contemporary tribalism, expressing identity and culture to reveal modern mythology.

Featuring large paintings, mixed media collages on canvas, works on paper and vessels with characters and motifs, inspired by ancient and pagan mythology, but depicting modern identity and diversity. The artworks are interpretations of what modern relics or artifacts could be, portraying individualism and self, rather than actual objects.

A collection of paintings named ‘The Met Series’ portray large brightly coloured vessels, with characters and patterns covering the surface. Each figure is unique, yet they all fit together in disorganised harmony. Alongside collages that tell a story when multiplied together, almost as if it were a magazine spread coming alive, reflecting Michael Stiegler’s history in fashion. The characters represent how Stiegler sees people from the inside, their inner-selves.

Origin of Identity will showcase these themes.

Michael Stiegler, Terracotta Stamnos 2020, Painting on canvas
Image courtesy of artist