Place of Origin: Latest Lyn Barnes Exhibition explores landscapes of childhood

Place of Origin

Graydon Gallery, New Farm
Opening night: 6 pm 7 August 2019
Exhibition dates: 5 – 11 August 2019
New Farm, Brisbane – A new exhibition of work by Lyn Barnes at Graydon Gallery presents a collection of works emanating from the landscapes of the artist’s childhood.
Well known for her vivid depictions of the arid Channel Country, celebrated outback artist Lyn Barnes explores an entirely new palette in her interpretation of her place of origin, the farming and grazing Wallumbilla district, located in the rich Maranoa region of Queensland.
In her thirty-year career as a professional artist, Lyn has not painted the historic buildings and productive landscapes of her childhood home and now feels it is time to document the area where her family has lived for generations.
“The challenge is to change from the intense colours of the Channel Country landscape to the more subtle palette of the farming country and to transform vegetation from mulga and gidgee to myall, box and bottle trees”, Ms Barnes said.
“Paddocks of wheat, cattle grazing on green oats are all distant memories, and I am thoroughly enjoying reconstructing the images of home”.
Each year during the Brisbane Ekka, Lyn’s work provides a visual voice for the people of the outback and connects art lovers from Queensland’s south-east with the lives of those who live beyond the Great Dividing Range.
Place of Origin will preview from 5 August with the official opening night on 7 August at New Farm’s Graydon Gallery.
Ms Barnes said: “Life in the outback is made up of unique and special experiences. I love being able to share those experiences through my art with the city”.
Place of Origin is on display at Graydon Gallery, 29 Merthyr Road, New Farm until 11 August.
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