Plane crashes into Melbourne mall, sparks fire

An aircraft has crashed into the Direct Factory Outlet in Melbourne with reports of five people on board.

It’s understood the five-person Beechcraft aircraft was a charter plane heading to King Island.

Police, firefighters and paramedics have arrived at the Essendon airfield after the plane crashed about 9am on Tuesday.

Victoria’s Police Minister Lisa Neville confirmed there were five people on board the plane when it crashed.

“It appears that a light plane which was a charter flight has impacted the DFO out at Essendon Fields,” she said.

“There’s also been debris left on the freeway.”

No shoppers were inside the DFO at the time, with the outlet not set to open for another hour at the time of the crash.

Victorian Minister Lisa Neville comments on a plane crash near Essendon airport. (AAP VIDEO/Kaitlyn Offer)