Queensland’s Chief Health Officer thanks community pharmacists on novel coronavirus frontline

Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeannette Young briefed members of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Branch, about the latest novel coronavirus (COVID-19) developments in an exclusive teleconference. Dr Young thanked pharmacy staff for working so tirelessly on the frontline and said that she needs pharmacies to continue to support the Queensland community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Young told Guild members that the Queensland Government had been working on their novel coronavirus (COVID-19) response since January 2020 to effectively minimise community impact.

“Without these early measures and the support of organisations like the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland, we wouldn’t have been able to respond so effectively to the coronavirus pandemic. The rapid response ensures that every Queenslander will have access to primary healthcare should they contract novel coronavirus (COVID-19).”

“63,396 Queenslanders had been tested since the outbreak and the curve is starting to flatten. In the past 24 hours there were only nine novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, following a steady decrease from the previous days. These results are positive and helping to ensure that our primary healthcare systems can handle the health response. We aren’t facing an uncontrolled outbreak like other countries have sadly seen.”

Dr Young also told Guild members that scientists worldwide are rapidly working towards a vaccine for novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

“It’s very important that when we do get a vaccine, that everyone has access to the vaccine as quickly as possible, and it would be great for them to go to their community pharmacy”.

“Queensland has an enormous network of community pharmacies. We will continue to work with The Pharmacy Guild to roll-out this program in future.”

Queensland Branch President, Professor Trent Twomey, thanked Dr Young for taking time to brief members, who are very much on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic and working hard to support the community.

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