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Landmark year in global effort to tackle Ebola – analysis from Peter Piot
Pulmonary arterial hypertension targeted for new treatment by University of Sheffield scientists
NZ medical staff and measles vaccines going to Samoa
Iowa State delivers $3.4 billion impact to state economy
GSK Award for Professor Brendan Crabb
Scientists close in on malaria vaccine
Research a step toward a malaria vaccine
More vaccines for meningococcal disease
Researchers Find Simpler, More Effective Cancer Vaccine Approach
Impersonation of Commonwealth public officials
Dr. Cristina Poveda Cuevas named 2019 STAT Wunderkind
Scientists crack rabies virus weaponry
One child dies of pneumonia every 39 seconds, agencies warn
Scientist funded to fire biochemistry experiments into space
Vaccine reduces likelihood of severe pneumonia
New Vaccine Protects from Widespread, Costly Infection, Mice Study Shows
Flu shot can provide effective immunity for people living with HIV
2020 Immunisation schedule now out
From ‘valley of death’ to supply and demand sustainability – unfinished agenda for immunisation
Meningococcal disease in an adult: case 20
UK aid to help vaccinate more than 400 million children a year against polio
New measures to secure MMR vaccine for private patients
Want some Christmas pork? Go local, avoid imports
UC Davis Health researchers join search for chlamydia vaccines
Vaccinations seeing preventable diseases fall
Stop flu hitching a ride home from your holidays
Second visa cancellation for biosecurity breach
Don’t let needle phobia stop you-or your child-from getting flu shot this year
International neglect of typhoid outside rich countries threatens a new global health emergency
At its worst, measles eliminates a substantial proportion of immunological protection of patients
How exposure to influenza affects birth and infant health outcomes
25 ways we’re working to eliminate HIV
Great news on polio eradication
Researchers partner in vaccine project to tackle major killer of African children
Measles causes ‘immune amnesia’ leaving us vulnerable to other diseases
Rate of burden due to vaccine preventable diseases falls by nearly one-third
Global consortium working with DRC Government to introduce second Ebola vaccine
Hudson Institute Emerging Leaders announced
Two months too late on measles vaccinations
At risk producers urged to vaccinate following second confirmed case of anthrax
Community pharmacists to deliver MMR vaccinations
Editing mosquito’s gene wards off malaria and halts reproduction
True or false? Five commonly held beliefs about flu vaccine
Speech to Hawke’s Bay A&P Show
Flu antibody protects against numerous and wide-ranging strains
Early weaning of lambs in a drought
Vets welcome racehorse death inquiry
Universal flu vaccine developed at Cornell nearing human trials