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Mass campaign to vaccinate over 3 million children against polio kicks off in Venezuela
Another Meningitis case while unused vaccines expire
Massive cholera vaccination in Congo
Parents: save a life, one flu jab at a time
Freeze spread of flu these school holidays
Shingles Vaccine Can Prevent Painful Rashes Among Stem Cell Transplant Patients
Harnessing power of t-cells could shield against influenza
HPV vaccine could prevent over 100,000 cancers
Flu Stops With You
More flu vaccine on way
Venezuela: more than 2.8 million people will gain access to safe drinking water with UNICEF support
Visitors asked to get vaccinated to stop aged care outbreaks
GP rules for vaccine storage strengthened
Flu vaccination recommended vaccines letter
Reminder: Weekly influenza and winter respiratory illness data
Vaccine update issue 295, June 2019
Protect elderly this winter
UN Headquarters to host groundbreaking discussion on vaccine misinformation and growing distrust
Pathogen Engineered to Self-Destruct Underlies Cancer Vaccine Platform
Confining cell-killing treatments to tumors
Record-breaking delivery of flu vaccine
Record-breaking delivery of fly vaccine
Northland children betrayed as vaccines expire
Flu jab crucial as winter sets in
Timing of vaccinations are key to controlling disease outbreaks
MMR immunisation protects our most vulnerable
Minister changes his story on vaccines again
NSW boasts high HPV vaccination rate for Aboriginal students
Health Minister knew about vaccine availability
Health Minister has serious questions to answer
Hand hygiene helps keep flu bugs at bay
Parvovirus outbreak in Byron Shire
New Insight on Mother’s Antibodies May Improve Maternal Vaccines to Protect Newborns
Identification of protective antibodies may be key to malaria vaccine
Dana-Farber researcher is one of three young scientists awarded 2019 Michelson Prize
Personalized nanovaccines are safe, well tolerated, and have an effect in melanoma
Child with Meningococcal Disease
Vaccination of horses is most effective way to help manage Hendra virus
Jaclyn earns STEMM mentor opportunity
Influenza and winter respiratory illness data
Cancer immunotherapy clinical study approved for phase 1
Help protect elderly during flu season
More than 1 million new curable sexually transmitted infections every day
Measles alert for airport plane and train passengers
Happy 160th Queensland – Go Another Day in Maroon
Flu vaccines have run out for immunisation session today – 5 June 2019
Rory Stewart statement on number of Ebola cases in Democratic Republic of Congo
People urged to practise safer sex after rise in STIs in England