Safeguarding Tasmania’s energy supply

Guy Barnett,Minister for Energy

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to Tasmania’s energy security and ensuring that our state continues to enjoy low cost, reliable and clean energy.

Today the Energy Coordination and Planning Amendment Bill, which formalises important roles in legislation that oversee and safeguard Tasmania’s Energy Security, passed the Parliament.

This legislation confirms our Government has energy security as a top priority.

The roles of the Monitor and Assessor (undertaken by the Tasmanian Economic Regulator), and Energy Security Coordinator were recommended by the Energy Security Taskforce. The Taskforce was asked to provide advice to the Government on how to prepare for and mitigate against any future risks to energy security.

The Monitor and Assessor Role provides independent oversight over the level of energy in storage in Hydro Tasmania’s dams to ensure the state’s energy supply needs are maintained, and to activate necessary protocols when dam levels drop below acceptable levels.

The Energy Security Coordinator, within the Department of State Growth, coordinates responses across the market to manage energy supply risks in the event Tasmania’s energy security position is compromised.

Both of these important roles have been operating since 2017 under interim administrative arrangements, with the first annual report from the Monitor and Assessor released in November 2017. Monthly “dashboard” reports since then have provided careful oversight over Tasmania’s energy security needs.

While these roles have been operating well to date, the step to formalise them in legislation ensures their functions and powers are guaranteed.

The Hodgman Liberal Government will continue deliver our Tasmania-first Energy Policy to ensure we meet our target to provide the nation’s lowest regulated power prices by 2022.

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