Shane Jones – all talk, no cash

The New Zealand National Party

Shane Jones has been so preoccupied with parading around the country making loud announcements while wearing hi-vis, he’s failing to deliver on his promises to hard-working New Zealanders, National’s Regional Development spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

“Feedback around the country is that the Minister is quick with a big announcement, but very slow with actual money. Many businesses will be wondering if they’re ever going to receive their funding, with only $274 million actually paid out, out of the $2.46 billion that’s been allocated.

“If Shane Jones is going to spend it all by this time next year, he’ll have to spend $7.5 million a day.

“From the money he has actually paid out, close to $50 million has been spent on business cases and feasibility studies. The Minister is continuing the theme of this Government of spending lots on working groups, but not a lot on anything tangible.

“All the Provincial Growth Fund is doing is creating more jobs for bureaucrats in Wellington who write glossy reports, rather than delivering for the regions who are crying out for solid economic policy.

“Shane Jones likes to say talk is cheap, money is real, but it’s clear the Minister is big on talk and nowhere to be seen when it comes to delivering the cash.

“National favours sensible economic policies that nurture New Zealand’s economic growth, create more jobs and help lift all our communities. That’s the route to prosperity. Carefully stage-managed publicity events in the regions is just politics and doesn’t help anyone.”

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