Smart Glasses that Crowd-Source CCTV, finds missing children


20,000 children are reported missing each year in Australia – that’s one child every hour, a shocking statistic which inspired a Melbourne father of three to develop technology that watches over his children when he can’t.

Wearable smart glasses that crowd sources CCTV and rewards its Users, a bit like Uber to help locate missing children.

It will go a long way to helping to enhancing Big Brother’s reputation when missing children are found, especially in public places.

Developer of the glasses, Jerry Farsoun said “I was at Federation Square, Melbourne, bike riding with my two year old son, when he became lost in the crowd. Panic set in. I couldn’t think logically. I couldn’t function.”

Jerry had seen security cameras, but was at a loss to know who was manning them and how to gain access to the footage.

His sense of helplessness proved life-changing, inspiring him to build a world first community safety platform – a public CCTV network that rewards people when lost persons are found.

Asides from assisting parents and authorities to locate missing persons, the glasses are also extremely versatile.

Netflix can be viewed on the HUD (Heads Up Display) built into the glasses, or stargaze using 3D GPS. Drone control, talking to Alexa, phone calls and use of many phone apps are also possible.

The technology allows everyday Australian’s to buy and wear the Android Smart Glasses and patch in to the network receiving information from worried parents about where their loved ones are.

When the network locates a missing child, authorities are notified and the User wearing Leelou Private Eye is rewarded for their subscription.

The glasses are now available for pre-order at their website

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