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Lancaster’s Security Institute to lead £3M research node to examine cybersecurity in autonomous systems
Moving right along – insights and innovations on freight and logistics
Sobriety tags launched to tackle alcohol-fuelled crime
Synthetic ‘morphogens’ can guide tissue complex tissue development, twin studies show
Historic agreement opens defense data to academia
What if underwater robots could dock mid-mission to recharge and transfer data?
Light pollution alters predator-prey interactions between cougars and mule deer in western US
Defra seeks views on expanding use of monitoring technology on fishing boats
Police arrest two over stolen car at Modbury, South Australia
Space company takes to skies alongside NHS
Engineered Developmental Signals Could Illuminate Regenerative Medicine
Bunker Bay gets two new-generation shark monitoring receivers
Scientists discover unique signature of a lion’s roar using machine learning
Four PINS issued after repeated attempts to cross border without permits
Odors as navigational cues for pigeons
What if underwater robots could autonomously dock mid-mission to recharge and transfer data
Blockchain technology to enhance industry integrity
Chimpanzees do not need smartphones to take efficient routes
Breaking Down EV Myths in India: Vehicle experience & shared electric
Tracking turtles from space
WA company awarded contract to supply new RBT equipment
ACON Shines a Light on LGBTQ Mental Health During Mental Health Month
ACMA to allow trials of devices that provide GPS signals in tunnels
A minuscule spacecraft from UC Santa Barbara joins a pilot’s epic journey to fly from pole to pole
Government to explore new ways of delivering ‘sat nav’ for UK
Stanford model shows how fluids unlock faults to unleash earthquake swarms
Researchers combine CAT scans and advanced computing to fight wildfires
Courier drone is taught to plot a route without GPS
Regional cat containment education program
Extent of India’s COVID nudge campaign revealed
Record transport investment to help economic recovery and save lives
Quantum Economic Development Consortium Confirms Steering Committee
New Apple Watch and iPad features enable wellness, fitness, and creativity
U.S. Air Force recruits future Space Professionals
Preparing for bushfire season with new tanker
TSU astronomers are studying evolution of space debris orbits
MIT-led team to develop software to help forecast space storms
NASA, NOAA to Discuss Solar Cycle Prediction During Media Teleconference
Advances in marine technology give deeper picture of urchin barrens spread
NSW Kelpie-cross sets record to win national farm dog challenge
New fish attracting devices off Weipa not a passing FAD
5StarS developing a security framework for autonomous and connected vehicles
Humandrive vehicle completes 230 mile, self-navigated drive across UK
Take a walk and win
Joint opening statement by universities Australia, science & technology Australia and Australian Academy of science
Joint opening statement by universities Australia, science & technology Australia and Australian Academy of science
New Deakin tracking study captures pro netball performance
New Deakin tracking study captures pro netball performance