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Seamatica Aerospace develops technology for safer skies
New Algorithm Helps Autonomous Vehicles Find Themselves, Summer or Winter
Research in Action: Only 12 per cent of engineers in UK are women – can we redress balance?
A lone tree makes it easier for birds and bees to navigate farmland, like a stepping stone between habitats
NASA Extends Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System Mission
Inkjet Printing “Impossible Materials”
Poaching affects behavior of endangered capuchin monkeys in Brazilian biological reserve
Modeling a circular economy for electronic waste
New cold atom source lays groundwork for portable quantum devices
Caveat Emptor, “let buyer beware”
First report of dorsal navigation in a flying insect
Engineer ing team places first in AutoDrive Challenge for fourth straight year
Aviator Group H135 reaches key milestone as Helionix world-wide fleet leader
Hippos and anthrax
Studying hippo movement provides insights into anthrax outbreaks in Tanzania
King of navigation wins Queen’s top honour
Study finds lightning impacts edge of space in ways not previously observed
Turbulence gets eagles up to speed
Dstl careers Louise, scientist
Researchers summit Mount Logan to document 30,000 years of climate history
Making everday products easy to repair
Artificial intelligence can significantly reduce company driving
FY22 budget gives Air & Space Forces strength to meet threats, Roth, Brown, Raymond tell Senate
FY22 budget give Air & Space Forces strength to meet threats, Roth, Brown, Raymond tell Senate
Buck stops where? UNH research records longest-ever deer distance
Drone improves odor management in water treatment plants
Marine protected areas contribute to conservation of Audonin’s gull
Five smart solutions for mining industry
Autonomous nanodrone captures aerial intelligence in a snap
GPS suction tracker puts whales on radar
Camera collar trial to keep K’gari wongari safe
Bats ‘Social Distance’ Too
Which way does solar wind blow?
One thousand probation officers recruited to protect public
Tough reforms to strengthen standards in driver training
KISA brings accessible mobile phones to UK
Atmospheric metal layers appear with surprising regularity
Juvenile white-tailed sea eagles stay longer in their parental territory than nest protection periods
Sick bats also employ ‘social distancing’ which prevents outbreak of epidemics
Researchers create a camera that knows exactly where it is
How Pokémon GO ‘kept people sane’ during lockdown
Working dog competition goes international: Nominations open for Cobber Challenge
DAF releases FY22 budget proposal, journeys to Air and Space Forces of 2030
Do lightning storms affect high-flying satellites?
NZ police make arrests after burglary in Hastings
Right Off Bat: Navigation in Extra-Large Spaces
City of Ballarat to advocate for underground power lines
Study aids understanding of invisible but mighty particles